ways to make more money that work

Actionable Ways to Make More Money Resource Center

Do you have more month than money? Are you worried that you’re not making enough money now and don’t see prospects to make more money in the future? Are you concerned that you’ll never be able to retire? The Make More Money Resource Center is your starting point for scores of strategies to make more money, for today and tomorrow. Ultimately, use what you learn to maximize your earning potential, live well for today as well as to save and invest for tomorrow. Lifetime Earnings Are Staggering +…

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Get paid cash money to watch movies!

Make $175+ Watching Movies & Videos in Your PJs

Make Money Watching Videos and Movies Movie lovers, rejoice: you can make make money watching videos and movies from home. Pajamas optional. If ever there were a side hustle designed for me, this would be it. If only I knew about this option when I was on maternity leave in January! Websites and movie companies will actually pay you to watch videos, movies and movie trailers at home.

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ways for teachers to make extra money in the summer without tutoring

11 Best Ways for Teachers to Make Extra Money in the Summer (Without Tutoring!)

One of my favorite parts of teaching is summer break. After a year-long focus on my students (and all the connected work that comes along with them!), it’s nice to take some time to myself to relax. Use these best ways to make extra money in the summer to shore up your bank account or save up for something special. If you don’t get paid during the summer, like some teachers (particularly adjunct college instructors) then take heed. Even with extremely careful financial planning, the summer dr…

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What should a freelance consultant charge?

What Should a Freelance Consultant Charge?

Setting a Price on Yourself as an Entrepreneur We all want to make more money, yet setting a price on yourself as an entrepreneur is not an easy task. One of the most difficult things to do when starting off in entrepreneurship, however, is deciding your worth. Whether you are selling a product, your knowledge, or your time, setting a fair price for your services is essential.

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6 Tips to Make More Money (#6 is easy)


At age 16, I replied to a published job announcement and started my door to door Avon sales business. In college I made “hippie” shirts and sold them to my friends. While working as a business intern in Spain, I gave English lessons on the side. I enjoyed my stint selling real estate, as my compensation was directly tied to my effort. Don’t miss tip #6 to increase your income.

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What to do with a pay raise? Turn your pay raise into thousands of dollars!

What to Do With a Pay Raise

Wages Finally Up-How to Supersize the Pay Raise After the 2008-2009 recession, it seemed like jobs and wages would never turn around. If you were lucky enough to have a job, then you were doing the work of two employees and afraid to ask for a raise. Working harder for the same money. And you wondered if this is the “new normal”. As this is not my first rodeo {I’ve been watching the economic markets for decades}, I knew eventually the deplorable job market would turn around. Wages are finally…

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New Sharing Economy

Robert Reich Bashes the ‘New Sharing Economy’

What is the New Sharing Economy-And Why Should You Care? After reading Robert Reich’s article in the San Francisco Chronicle, “In New Economy, Workers Get Stuck with the Scraps” I felt compelled to dig deeper into “the new sharing economy”. This component of the new economy consists of the solo-preneurs who use their own resources to deliver services and products, without the security and umbrella of the corporate structure. Who are Some of the Players in the New Sharing Economy? Uber-Individ…

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how to get what you really want

5 Tips to Get What You Really Want

For those of us old enough to remember Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – you know, the one before Johnny Depp – Veruca Salt might pop into your head during this post*. She had an incredibly whiney voice and constantly asked for items, demanding “I want it now!” whenever her poor father tried to delay her gratification. We may not be as irritating as this character, but maybe of us become overwhelmed with our “now” wants, which causes us to occasionally lose sight of our “most” wants. B…

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