Financial Independence Retire Early - FIRE

FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early Is A Bad Idea

FIRE is popular among millennials – and older adults too. Inspired by the classic book, “Your Money or Your Life,” by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez, FIRE is an acronym – Financial Independence, Retire Early. Thousands or more diligent workers are striving to live with less to retire young. But, to what end? Don’t get me wrong, reaching financial independence is great, as it relieves a big life stress, that of not having enough money. What is the allure of early retirement? I don’t get it. Fin…

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Are you on track for retirement?

How Can I Tell if I’m On Track for Retirement?

Reader Question: Am I On Track for a Secure Retirement? “Barbara, I started investing late and although I have a military pension, a 401k, and brokerage accounts; I wonder if I am track to a comfortable retirement. I use commission free ETFs in a taxable account.” You’re doing what you think is right, saving, investing, living modestly, but how do you know if you’re on track for retirement? This question from a reader echoes a common concern. After all, no one wants more life than money! How …

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happy older adult couple - with cash - retirement withdrawal strategies

15 Retirement Withdrawal Strategies to Protect Your Wealth

Smart and Easy Ways to Withdraw Retirement Savings Most of us look at retirement with both a sense of anticipation and a feeling of dread. It is not easy to transition from accumulating wealth to suddenly managing years of withdrawals. Before you experience the joie de vivre, it would be prudent to consider chalking out a drawdown strategy that works for you.

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Retirement myths - old couple on bench

The Truth About The 401k – Myths Exposed

6 Retirement Myths-Believe at Your Own Peril Find out how 401(k) myths can hurt your long-term wealth. Yes, it is important to invest in your workplace 401(k), but there’s more to retirement investing than that! You need to choose investment wisely and also invest outside of your 401(k) account as well. Learn the truth about the 401k and how to maximize retirement investing. 401k Myth #1 – The 401k is the Best Place for All of My Retirement Savings Not necessarily. There are many different ty…

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