Fundrise vs Diversyfund vs Groundfloor | Real Estate Crowdfunding for All

Which is the best real estate crowdfunding platform for yout? Find out in this head-to-head – Fundrise vs Diversyfund vs Groundfloor.. Real estate investing is a popular option for those looking to invest in a clucrative, asset class. However, many find the up-front cost assiciated with buying real estate is prohibitive. Between the purchase price of the property, closing fees, and renovations, buying real estate can be costly. Learn ways to tap into real estate investing for smaller amounts …

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EquityMultiple Review - Skylilne

EquityMultiple Real Estate Review – Is This Investment for You?

EquityMultiple Review – Invest Like the Professionals EquityMultiple is an online real estate crowdfunding platform committed to bringing high value commercial real estate investment opportunities to the accredited individuals. This EquityMultiple review will help you decide whether this online real estate investing platform is for you by discussing the main features of the company and its pros and cons. You are looking for an opportunity to diversify your investment portfolio. Real estate so…

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FarmTogether vs Acretrader | Which Farm Crowdfunding Platform is Best for You

Are you looking for a new investment platform and want to diversify your asset classes? You might consider investing in farmland. FarmTogether and AcreTrader are two crowdfunding platforms that make investing in farmland more accessible. This diversified agrigultural investment is ideal if you live in an urban area or don’t have the hundreds of thousands of dollars it typically takes to invest in farmland.  

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Fundrise vs REIT

Fundrise vs REITs – Which Is Best?

Fundrise vs REITs explores the similarities between the Fundrise real estate platform with a $10 minimum investment with investing in publicly traded real estate investment trusts or REITs. Learn which real estate investment option is right for you.

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Investing in Real Estate Notes Guide

If you’re interested in building wealth through real estate but want to avoid the management headaches of owning actual property then investing in real estate notes might be for you. Sometimes called mortgage notes, these financial assets can be bought when a mortgage lender sells the note attached to that loan to an investor who then takes over the loan. This allows the lender to get cash today when they need it and offers a unique opportunity for an interested investor. The original borrowe…

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apartment building windows

Being a Landlord Sucks-Should I Invest in Real Estate?

Should I Invest in Rental Real Estate? With interest rates still very low, you may be considering investing in real estate. It’s all quite glamorous when you read the “no money down” success stories. There are more than enough real estate gurus out there to show you the way. But before you buy, I’m going to share with you reasons why you might not want to invest in real estate, now, or ever. In fact, I gave up owning rental property decades ago because being a landlord sucks.

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modern real estate high rise

Pros and Cons of REITs – Should I Invest?

Learn the pros and cons of REIT investing and get ideas for your REIT investment funds. Quick and Easy Ways to Invest in REITs for those of you who want exposure to real estate investing but don’t have tens of thousands of investment capital available to take the plunge.

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