Fundrise vs REIT

Fundrise vs REITs – Which Is Best?

Fundrise vs REITs explores the similarities between the Fundrise real estate platform with a $10 minimum investment with investing in publicly traded real estate investment trusts or REITs. Learn which real estate investment option is right for you.

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financial planning process-girl on computer thinking

The Financial Planning Process – Steps to Wealth

How to Manage Money Wisely – The Personal Financial Planning Process Everyone wants to improve their financial situation, but many people are stuck in the same habits that prevent them from thriving financially. Unfortunately, it’s hard to improve when the same old financial advice is repeated ad nauseum: budget, budget, budget! “What does that look like in my life?” you might wonder. “And aren’t there any other ways to improve my financial life?” You might wonder, “How to manage your money w…

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woman and man with cash for how much cash should i have on hand

How Much Cash Should I Have On Hand?

During emergencies, you may wonder, “How much cash should I have on hand?” This article covers how much cash to have in your checking, savings and investment accounts. You’ll learn how much cash to keep at home and find out where to get a high yield on your cash.

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are I bonds a good investment - images

Are I Bonds A Good Investment?

I Bonds are the best investment for your cash. Learn how I Bonds protect your funds from inflation. Protected by the U.S. government, these safe cash-like investments deliver strong returns during high inflation periods.

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