7 Online Jobs for Seniors and Retirees

More and more seniors are looking for ways to make money in retirement. Either by choice or necessity, the idea of retiring to a life of leisure is becoming a distant memory. Learn 7 ways for seniors to make money online. With basic computer skills, the opportunity to earn from home is easier than you might think.

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man flipping websites

Flipping Website—Strategies for Profits

“Flipping” is a well-known term in most side hustles. From flipping small items like thrift store finds to flipping real estate, there is a market for flipping no matter your niche. Websites are no different: with an eye for potential, you can make money flipping websites.

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creative ways to make money fast

27 Creative Ways To Make Money Fast – Unique Side-Hustle Gigs

New Creative Ways to Make Money  At age 16, I wanted a job. So I did what any 16 year old would do before the internet, I looked at the employment section in the newspaper. It’s hard to imagine a time before the internet, where jobs were listed in a newspaper. Since I was in high school, I couldn’t work during the day. So an Avon sales ad caught my attention. No age discrimination and I could make money in high school! I applied, got my territory and ordered my sample supplies. For those that…

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side gig income organization notebook

10 Low-Cost Ways to Market and Scale Up Your Side Gig Income

Make More Money From Your Side Gig With Low Cost Marketing Solutions The gig economy is here to stay, and that’s both good and bad. It’s good because working a side gig can help you make ends meet or allow you to make more progress toward your financial goals in ways that weren’t available before the Mobile Age. For those who aren’t sure about the side gig meaning: “A side gig is a piece of work or a job that you get paid for doing in addition to doing your main job: Teaching, selling art, an…

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Virtual assistant job description

How to Become a Virtual Assistant – The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a VA

Become a VA 101 – Everything You Need to Know to Create a Virtual Assistant Business from Home Working remotely during this current Corona Virus pandemic has become required for many Americans and those around the globe. Those with a job, are fortunate. But, many people have lost their jobs and are seeking ways to make money online. The virtual assistant job description is broad and appropriate for all sorts of businesses. If you want to find out how to work from home, then setting up a virtu…

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Fun Ways to Make More Money

8 Fun Ways to Make More Money – In the New Year

Making more money doesn’t need to be a drag. While typically people imagine “make more money” being another way of saying “get a second job, work 80 hours a week, and forget about having any fun,” that isn’t the best way to earn a little extra. As the saying goes, do something you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life. While there are many, many ways to make more money quickly (I can think of 26 ways right now!), I’m a big fan of making money off of my talents. Since I know what I’m …

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Uber Review - Is driving for Uber worth it? Get sign up, Uber earning info, + pros + cons

Should I Drive for Uber or Uber Eats? Uber Eats Driver Review

Is Driving For Uber Worth It? Uber Review I’m an Uber fan! I’ve used Uber for several years in San Francisco, Cincinnati and other US cities. I’ve chatted with the drivers and experienced great service. The fees are better than cabs and the drivers accessible. Recently, I’ve relied on Uber Eats for a quick bite, locally and while traveling.  But what about the Uber driver-partner perspective? Is Uber as great as it seems? Are you wondering whether to partner with Uber or Uber Eats?

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Tips from entrepreneurs. Reinvest in your online business to boost profits.

Reinvesting Profits in Your Small Business

At what stage is a business profitable enough to reinvest into the company? Contributing columnist, Kostas Chiotis Reinvesting profits back into a company is a difficult by crucial step for companies who want to grow. Yet, reinvesting profits back into a business is important from day one. Warren Buffett learned about the importance of reinvested profits at the ripe age of 18. While still in high school and hoping to make a few bucks, he and a pal invested $25 in a pinball machine. They insta…

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How freelancers can turn freelance income into a robust $19,000+ passive income stream

How to Turn Freelance Income Into a Robust Passive Income Stream

3+ Ways Freelancers Can Earn Passive Income Are you a freelancer or solopreneur consultant? Do you worry that, when you’re not working, you don’t get paid? Find out how a freelancer can create a passive income stream for the future. A recent survey by the Freelancers Union found that 53 million Americans are now freelancers. In fact, one in three workers are freelancing. The difference between many freelancers/solopreneurs and salaried workers is that if you receive a salary and you want to t…

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