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Hello! I’m Barbara Friedberg, your money guide at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance. Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance is an online money resource to teach you how to invest and build wealth using proven investing strategies. There’s something here for beginner through advanced investors.

Please start with the About Page, where you’ll learn how my wealth building background can help you reach your financial goals. I invite you to consider me the money savvy sister you wish you had.

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Invest and Build Wealth-Most Popular Articles

Little Known Investing Secret; How to Buy Low (Always)

This simple investing tactic ensures you buy more shares when prices are lower. It’s an easy approach to buy low and sell high.

Investing Lazy Portfolios Drilldown

You know you want to build wealth. Investing is a great way to fatten your net worth. Learn how even the laziest investor can prosper.

Rebalance Your Asset Allocation Guide

Did you know that the simple task of rebalancing your investments back to your preferred mix, can not only reduce risk, but also increase your long term investment returns? It’s easy and you only have to do it once per year to benefit.

Use Time Value of Money to Make Great Money Decisions

Which would you choose – $10,000 today or $12,000 in three years? The Net Present Value concept is a great approach when making all sorts of financial decisions, including investing. Find out how simple it is to apply.

29 Creative Ways to Make Money Fast

A big part of wealth-building is making extra money. This top-viewed article gives you ‘side hustle’ job ideas as well as ideas for your own business. There’s even a strategy to make money while you search the net! 

58 Habits to Increase Wealth

Several of these habits are so easy, it’s absurd not to practice them. Others, might take a bit of practice. I suggest taking a look at these wealth building habits to see if there are any you’d like to try.

My Story: How my Parents went from Poverty to Wealth and Taught me Life Lessons for Financial Independence”

Seems like the readers enjoy learning about how I came to become an investing and wealth educator. If you read this article, you’ll get a peek into my background and how it led to wealth.

How Trading In a Car Every Two Years Makes Good Financial Sense

This counterintuitive article puts the “personal” in personal finance. Learn how Matt trades his car in every year without busting his budget. Would you ever use this approach?

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