Net Present Value Advantages and Disadvantages

While teaching a Corporate Finance class for MBA students at a local university, I was asked a question that underscored importance of the net present value concept. Net present value is a method to href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>put a dollar amount on future cash payments. It’s great if you win the lottery and want to determine whether to choose the lump sum payment or …

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Accredited Investor Opportunities

The world of investing is already diverse: all you have to do is build a portfolio with a mix of asset classes, and you’re well on your way to meeting your financial goals… right? Maybe not. There are a multitude of new investment opportunities popping up, including many accredited investor opportunities. Find out how to become an accredited investor (or qualified investor) and whether these opportunities might be for you.

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lazy portfolio investing woman

The Best Lazy Portfolios for Wealth Building

The best lazy portfolio is the one set up in line with your risk tolerance and rebalance regularly. In investing there’s no one right way to invest or manage your portfolio. In fact there are hundreds of different approaches, and probably more. Consider the active portfolio managers, they all have their own ideas about how to get the highest returns for their particular strategies. Then there are the hedge funds, clamoring for alpha from creative investment strategies. Finally, the market tim…

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return on investment mobile

Is a 10% Return Good or Bad? What is a Good Investment Return?

Are Your Investment Returns Good or Bad? Do you know how well your investments are performing? Do you know the quarterly and annual rate of return? What about how well your investments are performing when compared with a standard benchmark? Ever since a friend asked me to look over her investments and tell her if she’s doing well I’ve wanted to help investors answer this question; “What are my investment returns?” Most individuals don’t know if their investment returns are good or bad. Even i…

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personal capital vs quicken mobile

Quicken vs. Personal Capital Review: Which Is the Best Money Management Tool?

Quicken vs. Personal Capital: Which One Will Handle Your Money Better? The one thing that every successful person does is properly manage their finances. To help you make the best financial management software choice, read this Quicken vs. Personal Capital review. You’ll get an in depth look at the features of the free Personal Capital financial manager and the paid Quicken program, along with pros and cons of both. Find out which is the best for you.

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Prepare for inflation with 8 actionable tips.

How to Prepare for Inflation – 8 Actionable Tips

 How to Prepare for Inflation with Hard Assets, Inflation Stocks and Smart Inflation Hedging Strategies “Inflation is as violent as a mugger, as frightening as an armed robber and as deadly as a hit man.” Ronald Reagan According to government figures, inflation is low right now. But when you go to the supermarket, your grocery bill is trending up! What’s up with that? Find out what causes inflation to rise, how to prepare for inflation and why you must do so now.

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free investment management

The Secret to Flawless Investment Management – for Free

Free Investment Management I’ve been managing investments for decades! From asking my cousin how to invest, to researching and picking stocks on my own to becoming a professional investment portfolio manager, I’ve searched for the perfect investment management strategy. Newsflash – There isn’t a perfect investment strategy. But, there just might be near-perfect investing platforms.

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historical stock and bond returns - crystal ball

Historical Stock and Bond Returns – Predict Future Investment Performance

Historical Stock and Bond Returns-Why You Should Care I’m a bit obsessed with historical stock and bond returns. Since I’m a control freak, and the future is unknowable, knowing historical stock and bond returns gives me an illusion of control. And I’m not alone in my interest in historical stock and bond returns. If you’re wondering why you should care and how these returns might help you, read on. Financial educators frequently use the historical return data to help you figure out what retu…

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tax efficient investing

What to Invest In If I’m In a High Tax Bracket – Tax Efficient Investing

Help, what are the best ways to reduce taxes on investments? Jon Dulin of  Money Smart Guides asks; “What investment strategy should a couple use if they’re in a high tax bracket and want to minimize taxes on their investments?” First off, if you’re interested in this question, congratulations. This is a nice investing problem to have. There are actually three parts to the Tax saving tips for high income earners issue. First, there’s the question of  finding tax-advantaged investments for hig…

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