Empower vs Ziggma Investment Portfolio Tracker App Review

Empower vs Ziggma Portfolio Tracker Apps Review

Investment portfolio tracking is a critical element in achieving your money goals. Monitoring your investment portfolio can be challenging, especially if your investments include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Tracking assesses your asset allocation, performance, cash flow, and guides you  with future investment decisions. This Ziggma vs. Empower portfolio tracker review provides all the information you need to know which investment tracker app is best for you. It gives a detailed analysis and comparison of the Empower app and and the Ziggma app top features, benefits, and drawbacks. 

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You don’t have to struggle to track multiple investment accounts. Both Ziggma and Empower mobile apps and desktop platforms can do that effectively. Each offers real-time information on all your investment accounts in one place.

Ziggma vs Empower: Which Portfolio Tracking App is Best For You?

Your ideal choice between the Ziggma app and Empower app (formerly Personal Capital portfolio tracker) depends on your financial needs. Both are electronic financial management tools with advanced features to track your investment portfolio. Empower includes  budgeting, spending, and cash flow in addition to retirement planning and investing. While Ziggma is investing-focused with advanced tools to analyze your current investment portfolios and select new stocks and funds. Ziggma’s speciality scores and back-testing lets you delve into the “what ifs” of investment management.

Empower is fee-free, although you will need to field a call from an investment representative, to tell you about the Empower paid financial advisory services. Ziggma has a free and premium plan, with a monthly or annual fee. 

Discover the features, pros and cons of the Ziggma and Empower investment trackers. 

Empower at a glance: 

The Empower investment portfolio tracker is free and provides a suite of banking, spending, retirement, net worth, and investment analysis tools. Users can track their net worth, plan for retirement, and delve into an overall investment portfolio check up. The retirement planner allows for testing of multiple scenarios. You can sync multiple accounts and also include your house value in the net worth calculation. 

Empower Pros and Cons


  • Interactive retirement planner
  • Portfolio improvement recommendations
  • Budgeting, saving, spending, cash flow management
  • Net worth tracker includes investment, bank, and debt accounts
  • Fee-free


  • Limited budgeting tools
  • Reports offer limited customizability
  • Use of “free tools” includes fielding a call from an Empower representative

Ziggma at a glance:

Ziggma portfolio tracker is best for  beginner to advanced  investors seeking unique tools to help them track and manage their  investment portfolios.  It’s designed to simplify portfolio management for self-directed, long-term investors struggling to track key metrics. Investment tracking-focused, Ziggma scores your portfolio, quantifies investments with fundamental metrics, and backtests your portfolio. Ziggma offers a free plan to track one portfolio or a paid version for multiple account  investment analysis.

Ziggma Pros and Cons


  • Ziggma stock score is handy tool to view company Growth, Profitability, Valuation and Financial Health
  • Tools to optimize total portfolio’s performance and risk
  • Top 50 stocks, model and Guru Portfolios great for gathering investment ideas
  • Fundamental and technical analysis tools
  • Portfolio tracker presents performance, fees, dividends and ratio analysis in one screen


  • Lacks budgeting tools
  • Free version only tracks one account
  • Screener is more basic than many found on financial brokerage sites

What Is the Empower Portfolio Tracker? 

The Empower portfolio tracker is a cash and investment monitoring tool that presents a complete view of your finances in one place. You can sync bank, IRA, brokerage, 401k, and debt accounts, including mortgage and Zillow home value. The Empower net worth tracker gives you an accurate, updated view of your net worth. The financial manager is an easy-to-use and free budget app.

In addition to  portfolio tracking, the free package includes analysis, budgeting tools, and retirement planning. The dashboard tracks your investments to monitor and compare them with the overall market. The app provides current values for investment and bank accounts, portfolio performance, investment allocations, spending, sector weightings, and home value.

Empower does a good job delving into asset allocation and optimizing your investment mix, minimizing investment fees, and planning for retirement. Empower offers net worth overview, spending, saving and cash flow insights, not available at Ziggma. For portfolio backtesting, and investment screening you’re better served by Ziggma. 

Empower features:

  • Net Worth and account balances monitoring
  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Income and expenses
  • Spending report
  • Investment returns
  • Asset allocation 
  • Retirement planner 
  • Fee analyzer 
  • Investment check-up
  • Savings planner

Empower analyzes your asset allocation and investment fees, offering helpful improvement suggestions.  Thus, you can compare your portfolio performance to the overall market.

The Investment checkup examines your asset allocation, historical performance, risk and return. The tool suggests alternate asset combinations to improve your returns while maintaining or lowering risk. 

The  ‘You Index’ feature measures the performance of your investments with stock market metrics. 

The fee analyzer compares your investment fees with the norms and shows their long term impact on returns. 

The standout Empower features include the comprehensive retirement planner, where you can monitor various saving and spending scenarios to make certain that you’re on track. 

The Empower Retirement Planner rivals the most advanced retirement calculators on the market, and is available for free. After linking your  accounts, the app calculates projected income, investment growth, and also includes Social Security and pensions.

The scenario simulator tool allows you to manually add various life scenarios and demonstrates how they might impact your retirement. Plan for:

  • Dependent support
  • Healthcare
  • Home purchase
  • Renovations.
  • Vacations
  • Education
  • And more

Empower’s free budget planner keeps your spending in check and keeps you focused on your financial goals. The tool automatically organizes your spending and saving by category, date, or merchant. Therefore, you can set a monthly spending target, and it’ll track if you’re spending above or below your limit and make adjustments where necessary.

  • Track spending
  • Set saving goals
  • Stick to budget

 The Empower Cryptocurrency (BETA) tracking feature allows you to track all your coins and their values. You manually add an account to add crypto as you do for a car or home account. No need to link a crypto wallet or enter a password.

While the Empower tools are free, users are encouraged to schedule a call with one of the Empower financial advisors. If your portfolio surpasses $100,000, you’ll even receive a personalized analysis of your portfolio, by the financial advisor. 

The Empower wealth management services are available to investors interested in fee-based personalized investment management and planning along with financial advisor access. However, you must meet the $100,000 minimum investment requirement.

Ziggma Dashboard

What Is Ziggma Portfolio Tracker?

Ziggma portfolio tracker is a financial management tool that helps track your investment portfolio’s performance, income, risk, and climate impact in a single place. The app provides insights into your investments with tools and analyses unavailable from most brokerage accounts. 

Ziggma Features:

  • Portfolio tracker – Real time performance, dividends, fees, and ratio analyses
  • Stock and ETF screener – Screen for stocks by valuation, growth, profitability, valuation and ROE
  • Ziggma stock scores – The Ziggma score incorporates a stock’s growth, profitability, valuation and financial health.
  • Stock research- Institution grade profitablility, performance, valuation ratios and analysis
  • Model Portfolios – Get ideas from guru portfolios including Buffet, Dalio, Loeb and more.
  • Portfolio Simulator – Guage how a trade will impact your average yield and or growth. 

Ziggma Score for Stocks and Sectors – Ziggma stock Sub-scores can can serve as an early indicator for relative growth momentum or a deterioration in financial strength

The tool tracks your portfolio’s quality (through the average Ziggma Stock Score) and the average portfolio yield. It provides several data metrics you won’t get from other portfolio trackers. They include Beta Risk Factor, Revenue Growth, ROA, Carbon Footprint, and Climate Score.  Ziggma is gaining traction among the long-term investment community. 

The Ziggma app uses Smart Alerts to inform you when your stocks reach specific metrics including price and other valuation ratios. 

Smart alerts include price and P/E ratio data points.

For investment ideas, the Best-of-Breed Stocks are a sound starting point for potential high quality stocks, ready for further research. 

The app’s Premium Plan allows full access to the Ziggma Stock Scorecards, where you can view an industry’s best stocks anytime. Moreover, the data you view is based on about 40 key indicators covering valuation, profitability, growth, and financial strength.

The financial management tool handles investment monitoring, and is ideal for long-term investors. Its professional-grade tools also advise on future investments with Ziggma Stock Scores, Model Portfolios and a Backtest engine.

Securely link your investment accounts to Ziggma using Plaid technology to get portfolio analytics, tools, and the portfolio’s relevant information.

Moreover, experienced finance professionals designed this investment portfolio manager to incorporate various features and data only available in institutional finance.

Ziggma portfolio tracker app is a comprehensive portfolio analysis and improvement tool. But, if you’re seeking budgeting, retirement planning and basic money management features then you might prefer Empower. 

Ziggma Free vs Premium Plan

Ziggma Free PlanZiggma Premium Plan$9.90/month or $89.88 /year 7-day free trial
Track multiple assetsAll free features
Stock research toolsLink unlimited investment accounts
Dividend trackerFull access to Ziggma stock scores
Stock and ETF screenerPortfolio simulator
Link one brokerage or IRA accountSmart alerts
Ziggma stock scores on all holdingsTop 50 stock list
Big Board market informationModel portfolios
Backtest engine

Ziggma Vs. Empower: Features Comparison

Ziggma and Empower have some overlap, such as examining investment performance and portfolio value. But, in general they are more different than alike. 

Investment dashboardXX
Budgeting & Cash flowXInvestments only
Portfolio performance

Portfolio diversificationXX
Retirement planning & adviceX
Investment ScreenerX
Investment check upX
Investment fee analysisX
Free portfolio review (for those with more than $100K)X
Recommended asset allocationX
Fundamental & Technical investment analysisX
Portfolio climate scoreX
Back testing
Model and guru portfoliosX
Account SyncingX – banks, brokerage, credit (including mortgage)X – banks and brokerage

Empower vs Ziggma Wrap Up

The free Empower dashboard and financial management tools are a solid offer for broad asset allocation and investment performance insights. Empower users can view their entire financial picture in one dashboard. You’ll see all assets, including your home and vehicles. Liabilities lay out what you owe, like car loans and home mortgage. The Retirement planner is comparable to the top retirement assessment tools available. The Fee Analysis delves into investment costs and how they impact long term returns. The Investment Check Up is a handy way to find out how to optimize your returns and minimize risk. The cash flow and budgeting insights are useful, although you will get better information about spend, saving and budgeting from Quicken or other budgeting apps. 

Ziggma is investment management and analysis software. The platform provides granular inspection of current and potential investments. You can review portfolio fundamental and technical indicators. Ziggma users can determine the impact of adding or deleting specific investments from their portfolios. It is not a money management, cash flow or budgeting app. The reasonably priced paid version delivers features typically offered from more costly investment analysis tools.  

Since Empower is fee-free you might want to take it for a test drive; open an account, linking a few investment or banking accounts, and test it out. Ziggma has a free version, where you can link one account. Actually, you can open a free Ziggma account, without linking an account and take a look around. Those looking for low cost, high quality investment portfolio analysis will gravitate towards Ziggma. While anyone with money might consider opening an Empower portfolio tracker account to access the budgeting, saving, retirement planning, and investment check up features. 


What Is the Best App to Track My Stock Portfolio?

The best app to track your stock portfolio depends on your experience level and financial goals. Beginners’ or hands-off investors’ needs differ from those of experienced, hands-on investors. Some portfolio trackers like Ziggma and Empower have more functionalities than others.

What Is the Best Free Portfolio Tracker App?

Many investors seeking free portfolio management software may consider Empower to be their best portfolio manager. Once you link all your investment accounts, the software offers a wide range of portfolio review features, investing calculators, and an investment fee analyzer, among other financial insights. Mint is a second contender, but best for those with fewer investments. 

How Much Does Ziggma Cost?

Ziggma has a free version to track one account. Ziggma’s premium subscription costs $9.90 monthly or $89 annually. The paid plan gives access to all the app’s powerful features including Smart Alerts, portfolio simulators, stock scoring, and backtesting tools.

Is Ziggma Free?

Yes, Ziggma has a free plan that offers many excellent portfolio tracking features including:
-Track and sync one brokerage or IRA account
-Track multiple assets
-Stock research tools
-Track dividends
-Stock and ETF screener
-Ziggma stock scores
The fee-free plan is enough for new and small investors’ portfolio m

Are Portfolio Tracking Apps Safe?

Yes, portfolio-tracking apps are safe. Most include the same secure protocols used by banks and investment companies. Two-factor authentication is usually included. Review security protocols before signing up for a portfolio tracking app. 

Can I Trade Stocks with Portfolio Management Apps?

In most cases you can’t trade stocks with portfolio management apps. These apps are designed to analyze your investments. Although some brokerage accounts do offer basic portfolio management tools. 

Is Empower Portfolio Management App Worth It?

Yes, the Empower tracking app is worth it. The Retirement Planner and Investment Check Up offer quality tools, comparable with paid apps. Although, to receive investment management,  Empower Wealth Management requires $100,000 (includes access to financial advisors). 

Disclosure: Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which means that – at zero cost to you – I might earn a commission if you sign up or buy through the affiliate link. That said, I never recommend anything I don’t  believe is valuable.