Diversyfund Review

DiversyFund Review – Real Estate Crowdfunding for Everyday Investors

How Does Real Estate Crowdfunding Work? DiversyFund Review DiversyFund is a no-fee real estate crowdfunding platform, operating from San Diego and aiming to democratize investing and bring equal investment opportunities to all. In this DiversyFund review, we share the pros and cons of investing with this crowd funded real estate platform, making it easier for you to decide whether it DiversyFund is a good fit for your investment portfolio.

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investment analyst

4 Investment Analysts and Managers to Watch

A Subjective View of Top Investment Analysts and Investment Managers  “It is impossible to produce superior performance unless you do something different from the majority.” – John Templeton Best investment analysts who think outside the box. Indexing is popular, but not the only path to wealth. Active investing approaches may pay off at this stage in the bull market. Whether an active investor is lucky or skillful is only determined after decades of hindsite.

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asset allocation guide

Rebalance Your Asset Allocation Guide and Best Portfolio Rebalancing Strategies

Asset allocation is a cornerstone of creating a diversified investment portfolio. “Asset allocation is an investment strategy that aims to balance risk and reward by apportioning a portfolio’s assets according to an individual’s goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon. The three main asset classes – equities, fixed-income, and cash and equivalents – have different levels of risk and return, so each will behave differently over time,” ~Investopedia.com After you choose your asset allocat…

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Empower Your Investing Review

Empower Your Investing Review – Learn How to Invest From the Champions

Empower Your Investing: Adopting Best Practices From John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett  I regularly receive free books to review and unfortunately, can’t study every title that arrives. But Empower Your Investing – Adopting Best Practices From John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett by Scott Chapman, is unique. It reads like a biography and offers invaluable investment guidance. The book is scrupulously researched and and delves into the inner workings of three of the gr…

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hsa bank woman review

How a Health Savings Account Leads to Health and Wealth

Why Contribute to a Health Savings Account? A health savings account may be the best kept investing and health-related secret. Yes, you may use your HSA account for medical expenses. However, if used strategically, this account can also grow your wealth—tax free—and/or lower your taxes as you contribute. Plus, an HSA has magnificent investment potential. How do HSA’s Work? To take advantage of the power of an HSA, decide if you’re eligible to open an HSA. Next, learn the contribution limits a…

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investing in your 30s

How to Save for Retirement at 30 and Become a Millionaire

7 Tips to Become a Millionaire “You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.” ~Warren Buffett (source; BrainyQuote.com) Get the specific, actionable steps to become a millionaire if you are in your 30s. Use this financial advice for 30 somethings as a step-by-step guide for wealth building. If you haven’t started investing for your future, don’t stress, now is the time to start understanding and implementing how to plan for retirement…

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jerome powell

Investing & the Fed: How Will my Investments be Impacted?

The Fed and My Investments-Will They Go Up or Down? Whispers abound that the Fed intends to lower interest rates. Even a hint of declining interest rates can cause the stock market to rise. Learn about how interest rate movements can impact your investments. Investing is both science and art. One can do everything right and still watch their investments fall. That is because as much as we might  believe to the contrary, investors are not completely rational. Read any behavioral finance book a…

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Womens investing tips

Best Personal Investment Strategy – Investing for Women

Invest Like a Woman and Become a Millionaire by Investing With my experience as a multi-decade investor, former professional portfolio manager and university investments instructor, I will reveal easy to implement strategies to build wealth for women (and men too). Research by Prudential found that women worry more about risk than men. I get it, despite investing for decades, I’m scared of risk too. Women report that they lack confidence in finances too. Even though in multiple studies, women…

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How much you need to invest each month to have $787,355 at retirement.

Lazy Investors Asset Allocation Guide to Amass $787, 355

5 Step-Lazy Investors Asset Allocation Guide “Trying to consistently pick investments that are going to beat their benchmarks is like trying to win a marathon wearing muddy boots. There is a lot of drag, and your odds of winning are very low. The high costs associated with attempting to beat the market will almost guarantee sluggish results.” ― Richard A. Ferri, All About Asset Allocation, Second Edition Who doesn’t want to amass a lot of money for retirement? Of course you want build a big n…

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