Advanced Investor Resources

Do you have an investment portfolio set up according to your risk tolerance?


Are you generally content with your investing strategy?
Are you looking for some tips or tweaks beyond the typical index fund investing approach?

This section builds on investing basics. Find out how to use options to make extra money or protect what you already have. Learn about economic factors which impact your investments. Explore more sophisticated investing topics.

The advanced section answers the questions:

“How can I increase my returns by taking on more risk with a portion of my portfolio?

What are the factors that impact my investments; the economy, interest rates, or others?

How to value the overall stock market?

How to research individual stocks and bonds?”


Step 1: Start here

Read the free How to Invest and Outperform Most Active Mutual Fund Managers (a $9.99 value). This micro book distills research based “best practices” investing theory into actionable portfolio management advice. Make certain your core portfolio is in place. In fact, the majority of the investment information you need is in this free resource.


Step: Advanced Investor Resources

We offer a wide range of advanced articles available on topics ranging from the economy to commodities and real estate investing. Hungry for more investing reading? Here are a few samples of the advanced investing articles.

Market Forecasts-Can Strong Fundamentals Predict Stock Market Returns?

Find out whether you can predict the stock market with strong fundamentals. See if there are any other secrets to predicting future returns.

Are Options a Good Strategy for Conservative Investors?

For advanced investors, here are some ideas to protect the value of your portfolio and earn some extra cash on your holdings. Learn how to buy a put option on a stock you already own to protect your portfolio from excessive losses in the case of a market downturn. If you think the market will remain steady, why not sell a call in a flat market to make extra cash?

Speculative Investments – What Percent Should I Invest?

This reader question prompted a discussion about how much of your portfolio should be invested in speculative assets. Read what money notables on speculative investing say about this topic

MBA Series: When Diversification Doesn’t Work

The foundation of modern portfolio management is the efficient frontier concept. This theory takes the idea of diversification and integrates correlation between various assets to create an optimal portfolio. Find out what can go wrong.

Where to Get a High Return On My Cash-Prosper Review

Peak into my two and a half year journey investing in Prosper loans. Find out my returns and the ups and downs. See if this risky investment might be for you.

Should I Invest In Dividend Stocks Now?

Learn about where dividends come from and the pros and cons of dividend stock investing. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Read more Advanced Investing Articles here, select the Advanced Investing category.


Step 3

Resources and services I recommend to help you invest and build wealth.

If you’re interested in a free comprehensive online investing tool, following is a a resource I recommend.

Personal Capital is a free comprehensive money management tool. In one place you can manage your finances and get financial advice and strategies. Personal Capital also offers access to financial advisors for those investors with larger portfolios. For more information, read the Personal Capital Review.


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If you prefer to hold a book or download one to your ereader, I’ve personally selected a small list of saving, investing, and mind and money books. You’re invited to visit the Wealth Shop of Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance and look around.