Join the down payment movement and get into your own home!

Join the Down Payment Movement – Get Motivated to Save Up for Your New Home

Get Inspired to Buy a Home With the Down Payment Movement The Down Payment Movement can help your dream of owning a home become a reality. I’m joining with other financial writers and participating in the Down Payment Movement to help you become a homeowner. Here’s Why You Want to Buy a Home You’ll have a place to call your own! You’ll build up equity in the home so that over the years, as you pay off the mortgage, you’ll own your home outright.

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shared equity and more ways to get down payment help and cash out of your home.

Shared Equity and More -Ways to Get Cash Out of Your Home or Help With a Down Payment

Funding For Your Home – From Traditional Tactics to Shared Equity and Alternative Home Financing  If you’re lucky enough to have a home and a mortgage and you need extra cash, your home equity can help. There are several ways to tap your home equity, without selling. Living in the San Francisco area has its pros and cons. Buying a home – definitely a con. Building equity, if you already own your home is a definite pro. In September 2017, the average Bay area home cost $729,000, up 11.6% over …

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Unison Review - Home downpayment help.

Unison Review – Down Payment Program for Borrowers and More

Unison Review – How Can I Get Help with a Down Payment for a House? Can your parents spare an extra $50,000 or more? Did you win the lottery and have $100,000 sitting in your account? Have you saved up mid-five figures outside of your retirement account? If you answered no to those questions, yet want to buy a home, Unison can help you get into a new home. How to Get a Down Payment for a House Fast – What is Unison?

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The pros of being a landlord. How one guy retired at age 52 by investing in real estate.

The Pros of Being a Landlord – It’s Awesome – Why You Should Invest in Real Estate

This post is written by John from ESI Money. The Pros of Being a Landlord A while ago Barbara wrote a post titled Being a Landlord Sucks — Why You Shouldn’t Invest in Real Estate. It was an interesting title that showed up in my feed reader. Since I’m a big fan of real estate investing, I clicked through, read the piece, and left this comment: Hahahahaha! I hear you, real estate is not for everyone. On the plus side, RE was the main reason I retired at 52. It’s managed by a company for me, s…

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Should I buy foreclosed real estate?

Should I Buy Foreclosed Real Estate?

A reader from the website, writes in; “Is purchasing foreclosed real estate a smart investment with so many renters and so few home buyers in the market?” Real Estate Market Prequel In the aftermath of the 2008-2009 recession, there was an abundance of foreclosed properties just begging to be bought by the enterprising investor. The thinking was, buy a real estate at a discount, make a few repairs and either rent it out or sell it for a profit. At that time, it seemed like a …

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