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Even Millionaires Need a Budget “More than 200 college students will get a chance to become instant millionaires when the NFL holds its draft ….But fast forward 20, 10 or just 5 years down the road, and many of this year’s crop of NFL rookies, like players before them, could end up broke.” By Russ Wiles, in USA Today, Sports Instant millionaires are targets of unscrupulous financial advisers, extravagant overspending and yes…. financial ruin. According to the NBA, an estimated 60 percent of professional basketball players go bankrupt within five years after leaving the sport. Learn Wealth Building from a Basketball Agent...

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Save Money and Time With a Small Yard

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Save Money with a Budget Renovation Project We just bought a condo with a small yard (Actually, we bought it last August). After living in homes with yards that need mowing, and paying someone for the task, I love our new set up. Although we like to save money, we’re even more thrilled with the time we recoup with a small yard. The small area inspired me to do the entire landscaping project myself. I committed to a low maintenance and low water approach. The soil was hard impenetrable, so I took the lazy way out and only planted...

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So You Want to be a Real Estate Flipper “If people are unforgiving up front about assessing the costs of renovation, the value of the property and the neighborhood, and how much money they have, they can come out ahead and buy more house than they otherwise could ever afford,” says Bradley Inman, CEO of, a real estate sales and information Web site. (as quoted on The lure of real estate investing is great. This article outlines what  it takes to buy, renovate, and resell real estate. Find out if this potentially lucrative endeavor is for you. Consider...

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“Some debts are fun when you are acquiring them, but none are fun when you set about retiring them.” -Ogden Nash (reprinted from Man vs. Debt) Few get through life without any debt. My in-laws are the only ones I know who have never taken out any type of loan…. EVER. My father-in-law’s job included a car for awhile. When that benefit expired 15 years ago, he bought a Buick for cash and is still driving it today. They never purchased a home and pay their credit cards in full every month. They are middle class and I don’t...

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Prepare to Save Money on your Mortgage Refinance Loan

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Guest post 79% of all mortgage loans were refinance loans in April, 2012. Borrowers are refinancing their mortgages to take advantage of the staggeringly low interest rates, even borrowers who’ve refinanced less than one year ago. Right now, you can find a 15-year FRM (Fixed Rate Mortgage) at 2.75% and 30-Year FRM at 3.5%. (Always check the mortgage fees that go along with the different interest rates). Here are the main reasons to refinance: Save money through lower long-term financial costs. Lower your monthly payments, making your loan more affordable. Reduce risk, by switching to a more stable product,...

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HOW TO GET A $2,000,000.00 HOME FOR A SONG

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“Owning a home is a keystone of wealth.. both financial affluence and emotional security”. –Suze Orman (from For as long as I can remember, real estate was a part of my life. On Sunday’s we would pile in the car to look at real estate my parent’s company owned or preview property for sale. One of my first jobs out of college was in real estate sales. I started investing in real estate in my 20’s and to this day, work for a real estate holding company. This past summer, El Carino and I relocated and purchased a...

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