Mitzi Perdue relates the Opera Carmen to Investing

What the Opera Carmen Teaches About Investing and Behavioral Biases

I received a message in my inbox from Mitzi Perdue, author of How to Make Your Business Last, the widow of Frank Perdue and daughter of Ernest Henderson, co-founder of the Sheraton Hotel Chain. She wanted to share this story. Her tale is inspired by legendary hedge-fund Manager Roy Niederhoffer’s analysis of the opera Carmen and it’s lessons for investors. She synthesizes an analysis of Carmen, the opera written by George Bizet, and describes its behavioral economics and investing lessons. 

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The key to financial success with Derek Sall

The Key to Success Is…Interview with Derek Sall

I’ve known Derek Sall since 2010, when we both started our online financial website empires. Derek’s story inspired me and I wanted to share it with you. His deliberate life decisions, successes and failures hold lesson’s for anyone who’s said, I don’t have time to take care of my family, start a side-hustle, work out or get rich.  Derek of Life and My is a personal finance luminary and a regular guy with a passion for life and building wealth. Here is his story.

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Wondering how long it takes until you're #wealthy? Find out here.

How Long Until I’m Wealthy?

“Cash confiscates capital. Long term, after taxes and inflation, the return on cash is negative.” Catherine Keating Since my mid-20’s, I made financial net worth goals for our family. I’d calculate our current net worth, add additional savings, and punch in an expected rate of return over the period, usually five to ten years. Occasionally, I go back and review prior goals. No matter what the market, over the long term we have met or surpassed the objectives. Set financial goals, make a few m…

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Small business tax preparation checklist-everything you need to know to keep biz tax prep easy

Short and Easy Small Business Tax Preparation Checklist

At age 16, I started my own business. I went door-to-door selling Avon products. I loved those little samples the company provided to me to give out to potential customers. Over the years, I’ve sold handmade hippie shirts, worked as a Career Counselor, sold real estate and now run my own financial media company. Aside from the financial rewards, the tax benefits are fantastic. If you have a side hustle, you need this small business tax preparation checklist.

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5 tips to build wealth and get rich

5 Tips to Get Rich and Build Wealth

Money making ways to get rich. Get rich one step at a time with these 5 proven tips. I remember, decades ago, scrimping and saving for the future. Living well beneath our moderate salary and saving and investing for the future. Decades later, the results are astounding. During the life of our family, we made hard decisions. We focused on slashing the costs of the big ticket items, such as our home and cars, as well as the smaller ones:

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