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Why I bought a Galaxy Tablet (and a smart phone)!

Follow-up to Why I Don’t Want a Smart Phone, Tablet, or eReader

One of my most popular articles of all time is entitled, “Why I Don’t Want a Smart Phone, Tablet, or eReader“, so it is with tail between my legs that I confess I requested a tablet for Chanukah last year and bought a smart phone last month. This article discusses how I got these two electronics economically and how they are working out.


Should I buy an iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

Should I buy an iPad mini or Samsung Galaxy Tablet?

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet

My mom is awesome. She says, tell me what you want for your birthday or Chanukah, buy it, and I’ll send you a check. How great is that? Since I travel a fair amount, I justified the tablet is good to have on the plane and waiting in the airport. I started out investigating the iPad Mini, but due to my penchant for economy, I ruled out the $329 tablet. I figured the Amazon Fire would be the best choice since I like to read and I didn’t want to spring for the iPad. When I went to Best Buy last December, the Galaxy 7″ tablet was on sale for $179. I couldn’t pass up that great price and grabbed it.

As I stated in the prior article:

“There’s a plethora of writing about how more stuff leads to more work. Get something new, first figure out how it works, then maintain it, and finally, fix it when it breaks.”

This statement is absolutely true. I continue to learn about the tablet’s functionality. I’ve taken photos, video, gotten addicted to various games, and downloaded some apps. The Kindle app houses my large collection of books. I’m still figuring out the stitcher app which includes among other options, access to my favorite podcast, Two Guys and Your Money (where I’ve been featured a few times:) ).  It is a lot of fun. And there is definitely a learning curve. Although it is taking some time to figure out, I really enjoy the tablet!

The Tablet Takeaway

I like it. It’s fun. It’s good to have when travelling and out and about. And for less than $200, it was a good buy. I bookmarked a video which elaborates the ins and outs of the tablet….. but I need to schedule time to watch it again.

Could I live without a tablet? Sure. But I am glad I have it and look forward to the time when I know how to rock the device.

The Smart Phone Decision

I’ve used an ancient cellphone for years with a monthly plan from Virgin Wireless. I cannot stand the idea of a long term contract. Even though my daughter and husband both have cell phone contracts (and hubby has an iPhone), I hate to be married to the cell phone company. One marriage is enough for me.

After a lot of travel these past few months, I decided to check out an affordable smart phone. Since I’m usually not far from my laptop, I decided to get a basic model. I don’t need the latest and greatest of everything, and am happy with a basic model. I grabbed a $60 Kyocera (on sale) from Radio Shack with decent reviews. I continued with Virgin Wireless and get unlimited texting, data, and 300 minutes of talk per month for $35. And, I can cancel whenever I want. It is cheaper than adding a line to my husband’s contract!

I like the phone, and continue to decipher all the functions. The cost is reasonable, I’ve moved out of the cell phone stone age, and can get online when I’m out. Overall, another good purchase for a reasonable price.

Am I Trying to Keep Up With the Joneses?

I compare my decision to get a smart phone and tablet with one of keeping up with progress. When electric lights became available, would you say, “No, I think I’ll stick with my candles.” Or when the telephone was invented, would you think, “Who needs it?” if I want to talk with someone I’ll write a letter. Life evolves.

Every decision is a balance of money, time, preferences, and utility. As soon as I’m fluent in tablet and phone, I expect all prior negatives will be obliterated.  And those games I downloaded on the tablet are a great diversion!

Like all decisions, you must consider your priorities and what your pocketbook can handle. My decisions overweight cost, that may not be your personal value.

If you want a review of the 7″ tablets by tech professional, David Gerwitz, check out znet’s How to Decide: Should You Buy an iPad Mini, Galaxy 7, or Kindle Fire.

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What are your thoughts? Do you have a tablet and/or smart phone? What brands do you prefer and how did you make the purchase decision?

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  1. My wife just bought an iPad. She used some bonus money for the purchase. There were 2 reasons for our choice. One is my daughter is very happy with hers and secondly, I am starting to switch to Apple products slowly. I am considering an iPhone as well at the end of the year.


    May 11, 2013

  2. @Krantc-Just shows how one needs to change and evolve over time… with new information. what is causing you to migrate to apple?


    May 12, 2013

  3. We bought a tablet! But it’s a Google Nexus one. No special reason, the prize is always the same as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy. I just want the new processor and battery life longer.


    May 13, 2013

  4. Mr. LH has been thinking about getting a tablet, but we’re just not sure which one, yet. We’d like to ditch our laptop (that hasn’t been used in eons) and trade up to a more portable option. The Samsung Galaxy could be in the running.

    Little House

    May 13, 2013

  5. Hi Allen, With google controlling so much of the online world, sounds like a good choice. I haven’t tried the nexus yet.
    @Little House, My husbands laptop just died and he bought a really light sony laptop. (This was not a low cost option:) )


    May 13, 2013


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