Misery Loves Company

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Actually, I am not miserable, nor do I have “real” problems, but only minor stresses and inconveniences accompanying our cross country move.

We are officially “on the road” with no address and no final date of arrival in our new land.


We just sold our current home-today. Packed the cars. Packed the cats and began our journey.


At the settlement on our current home, there were unexpected problems inconveniences today. Good bye to several hundred dollars and hello to a gigantic dose of stress. Although the realtor said it is not unusual for these last minute issues to occur at real estate closings, it’s a first for us.

The first problem was MY FAULT. For whatever reason, I thought the buyers didn’t want the refrigerator, so I sold it for a pittance on Craig’s list. Turns out that on the contract, the buyers stated they wanted it. So we had to pay up at closing for them to get a new refrigerator. I’m trying hard not to relive my error over and over again.

Mistakes happen.

The second was a complete misunderstanding. We left some stuff we thought the buyers would want. Turns out, they didn’t want it. After a stressful negotiation at the closing table, more money out the door.


Expect that things won’t go as planned. They never do.

As they say in sports, “Have a short memory”. I’m working on this all the time!


Thank you so much for visiting. I have a bunch of wonderful guest articles lined up for the upcoming month and I am so grateful to the bloggers who have pitched in to help me. Please continue to visit and support these generous folks.

Tomorrow, we travel to our next temporary stop with my parents. They have no internet!

The folks have been generous enough to let us crash there until we know when our new (short sale purchase) home will be available.

I’ll keep you posted as our journey evolves. I really appreciate your continuing support and readership.

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Are you just a little bit happy when others have troubles?

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