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 We’re moving and I’m hiring a realtor. We are not selling our home ourselves like Len Penzo dot com recommends. Even though my family was in the real estate business, I’ve bought and sold investment property and our own home many times, and my neighbor is going to sell his own home, we are using a real estate agent. 

To be completely honest, I considered selling our home myself. All I would have to do is: 

  •  Rent a wide angle lens camera for the photos
  • Set up a website for the home
  • Check out one of those a la carte Realtors and list on MLS for a fee
  • Take out some advertisements
  • Meet with a lawyer to get updated on disclosures and other legal responsibilities
  • Buy a sign
  • Create marketing materials
  • Schedule showings and meet with the potential buyers
  • Hold an open house or two

Of course, I’d have to engage in all of these activities while decluttering, boxing stuff up, cleaning, and making sure there’s nothing out of place 24-7. And did I say cleaning? 🙂 

Why I’m Hiring a Realtor

Reason 1: Selling a home requires a lot of time, energy, advertising, and effort. The realtor will do it all! (Except cleaning and decluttering) 

Reason 2: Most people discover their home on realtor.com which is sponsored by the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I’m not even sure how an individual without a realtor can get a home listed on MLS. The realtor will list the home on realtor.com. 

Reason 3: Most buyers have a realtor who will not show for sale by owner homes (FSBOs). The Realtors will show my home because if they sell it they will get paid! 

Reason 4: Sometimes time is worth more than money. I have a job, a blog, a home, and family. Where am I going to find the time to sell a home? I’ve got enough on my plate already and my life is too important to over commit by selling my home myself! 

Reason 5: This is a really difficult real estate market, and a realtor has more experience than I do selling a home in a terrible market! And they can make sure the buyers can get a mortgage.

Stop by and wish me luck in the sale of our home! 

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Would you consider selling a home yourself? Have you ever sold a home without a realtor? How much work was it? Would you do it again? 

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