2012 Foolproof New Years Resolutions (Part 2)

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Today’s article will guide you to success this year. Read Foolproof New Years Resolutions (part 1) to find out how I fared on some of my initiatives of 2011. Learn why annual New Years resolutions are not the way to success. 

“Most successful men/women have not achieved their distinction by having some new talent or opportunity presented to them. They have developed the opportunity that was at hand.” — Bruce Barton

I am blessed with parents who were the operational definition of tenacity. They both started with very little, only to persevere to wealth and success over their lifetimes. El Carino and I have been reminiscing about our past career decisions, and future plans. We are both success, solution, and goal oriented. In contrast, a friend of ours is really struggling with his future, as he ages and his job becomes precarious. We ask ourselves why friend T. doesn’t seem to have motivation or a plan. He’s smart,


successful, talented, handsome, and directionless.

Goals are the Superior Path to Success

Author Bruce Barton, makes success sound easy. Success is not easy, if it was, everyone would be a star. On the other hand, you don’t have to be exceptional or revolutionary to be a success. You don’t even have to be super smart. There’s research that suggests that geniuses are no more successful than the average Joe or Jane.

Capitalize on the talents you already have and work towards honing and improving your strengths.

I am convinced, that writing down your short and long term goals, working towards them diligently, and accepting inevitable failures along the way, is the recipe for lifetime achievement.

What if I’m tired, despondent and just don’t feel like it?

That is the time to stay the course. Everyone experiences bouts with self doubt and the desire to quit. The winners, persevere when adversity hits, the others give up.

My Blogging Goals

Here’s where I reveal some of my goals. These are not New Years resolutions, and if I reach any of these initiatives early, then I’ll move on to new ones.

Freelance job on one additional large public site such as CNN Money, MSN Money, Morningstar, Kiplinger, Google Finance, or comparable site. Donna Freedman, any ideas? I was included in one of Donna’s (Best tips for fixing your finance’s) and one of Len Penzo’s articles on MSN Money, but those doesn’t count.

Increase monthly blogging income by 50%. I don’t like to reveal any income or net worth figures, in spite of how much I enjoy reading others. Here’s where I think persistence, writing good content, developing relationship with others on line, participating in forums, and freelance will lead to additional revenue.

Get personal finance book for Gen Yers accepted for publication by March, 2012. This goal is a carry over from 2011 and 2010. Yet, I’m not giving up. I know I could self publish, but I believe the content is worthy of recognition by a traditional publisher. This one isn’t about money, but of influence and desire to reach the largest audience possible. Any publishers interested?

Start 2 static niche websites with a partner. I’m already in conversation with a few blogging colleagues about this one. I’m a bit frightened as I don’t want to over commit myself. This is the biggest stretch of all my goals.

Try to write and schedule blog articles two weeks in advance. I didn’t do too well on this one last year.

Action Steps

Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it for all of your personal finance thoughts, activities, and plans.

  1. Sit down now, and write down a few specific, detailed goals for the next couple of months. Don’t overdo it, start small. Remember to check on these goals every month or so.
  2. If you’re really ambitious, categorize your goals; personal, work, health, etc.

Read Foolproof New Years Resolutions (part 1) to find out how I fared on some of my initiatives of 2011.

What plans are you working on this year?

image credit; Cheryl Gebhart

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