Personal Finance Lessons – Part 1

Want to become inspired to improve your money life? Read about influencers who are changing the financial literacy and education landscape. Long term investors know that trying to beat the market is a fool’s game because the market always reverts to its mean. So if I could teach the kids to start early, and be happy with the historical average of around 8.5% return, then by the time they were older and had a family, they would thank me. And since long term buy-and-hold investing isn’t necessa…

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Amanda Grossman-Frugal Confessions-Frugal Decadence

Frugal Confessions’ Amanda Grossman Tells All

Personal Finance Luminary Series Do you wonder how some people just seem more “money smart” than others? Do you know people who don’t make any more money than you do, but seem to live without money stress? There are those who seem to have the key to smart money management, living well, avoiding debt, and knowing the ways to avoid common money pitfalls. Amanda Grossman of the popular website, Frugal Confessions explains her “frugal decadence” money strategy. If you don’t learn something and be…

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