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UPDATE; Over the next month my family is moving across the country to a new home. Please enjoy a variety of guest articles from top notch bloggers and sponsors. Also, catch up with earlier favorites from Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.

“Are you having fun yet?” my realtor asked 4 days before the  movers arrive and a day after my printer decided to stop working.

At the risk of becoming a bit of a whiner, let me say that, moving is a lot of work.


By the time you read this I will probably be on the road traveling to our final destination.

Just thought I’d give you an update on how things are going with our gigantic move across the land.

We sold our home rather quickly after lowering the price $10,000 to the exact amount our next door neighbor’s home SOLD FOR. We got a lower price than the neighbors even though our home had more upgrades. That’s okay because the real estate market valuations have fallen in the past year.

It has taken almost 3 months to get our purchase offer accepted on our new home. Welcome to the new world of  “short sale” real estate.

Our belongings now will go directly to two storage rooms at our new location.

Of course, we need to hire additional movers to move our stuff from storage to our home.

As I write , we still arpart one of this article we not totally packed. The movers are coming in a day and a half. The next day we will settle the sale of our existing home. Then off for a few weeks to my parents condo while we wait for our loan to go through and settlement arranged on our new place.

Are we having fun yet?

Surprisingly, it’s fun to take a break from work and hang out with El Carino.

It’s fun to challenge myself to move quickly and not obsess over taking every nail out of the wall or eating every last crumb out of the refrigerator. (I’m always working on that pesky perfectionism 🙂 )

It’s fun to know I have some wonderful blogging friends who are writing guest articles for me during this stressful time.

The Settlement

As I mentioned previously, we had some unexpected surprises at the settlement. Of course, this means MORE MONEY out of our pocket.

So, prepared as I am, I wrote out the high 3 figure check to the purchaser, to get us out of the meeting and on to the next phase of our journey.

Immediately after the meeting, we drove to our temporary headquarters, my parent’s home, to wait for our loan approval on our new condo.


We are extremely lucky to be able to hang out at my folks until our new loan comes through even though they have NO INTERNET.

My daily conversations with the loan officer in our new land results in reams of paperwork going from the FedEx Kinko’s right to his inbox.

The estimate of our loan acceptance ranges from one month to three. To recap, we are purchasing a “short sale” condo. Even though our credit is great, we have no negative marks in any area, the banks have gone insane since the mortgage meltdown. Perfect buyers like us, are not “perfect enough.”

Today, our belongings are arriving in the storage rooms in our new city. Of course that didn’t go without a hitch either as yesterday I was informed that we needed “insurance” for our contents. So, after a quick call to the insurance company, I lined up some coverage which was a bit better than the $2,500.00 coverage offered by the storage company :).

As we wrap up week two, we have become regulars at Barnes and Noble’s internet cafe, gotten in some swimming and tennis at the folks condo and are doing a lot of work the old fashioned way; snail mail and the phone.

I’ll keep you posted as the saga continues.

(Remember, this is not posted in real time, so hopefully by the time you read this we will be on the road!)

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Have you made a big move? What were some of your trials and tribulations?

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