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21 Wealth Building Ideas

Wealth Tips #1-8 today. 

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How I Made $60 Just by Asking-Wealth Tip #21

The Day Started Out Badly– While trying to plug in my cell phone charger, I pushed the desktop computer monitor on the floor. I figured it was ruined, but took it to the repair shop just in case it could be fixed. When I got to the shop, they asked for the power cord to see if it functioned. I forgot the cord and drove back home to get  it.

After the repair guy plugged in the cord, he confirmed it was broken. So I asked if they had a new monitor for sale. If I could buy a new one at a good price, I’d get back to work quickly.
They had a 23 inch monitor for $199. I told the associate I was looking to pay $150 […]
wealth buildling gift

wealth building gift

Are you on the path to get rich? Take the Wealth Predictor Quiz- Wealth Tip #20

Are you on the path to get rich? Take the Wealth Predictor Quiz and find out. — Life is made up of small decisions every day. Most of the time, you don’t see the impact of your decisions right away. Eat cake with every meal and it will take a bit of time to get fat, but if you continue, you will gain weight!! Spend with abandon and you will not amass wealth. […]

Easy way to boost retirement funds- Wealth Tip #19

When Yahoo!Finance picked up my retirement article, I was reminded that everyone is worried about the future. Whether you’re young or old, the economic uncertainties and market volatility create anxiety.Today I’ll describe the best strategy for wealth building. Young or older, you can plan all you want, but no one knows for certain how much money you will need in retirement.

Groundbreaking research by scholars Steven Venti of Dartmouth University and David Wise of Harvard found that the greatest determinant of lefetime wealth is a person’s savings rate.

Need more motivation? Jean Chatzky in The Difference found that 55% of self made rich attributed habitual saving to their financial success.

This strategy is […]


Readers and friends ask me why I don’t write about the great returns I get on cash from investing in peer to peer lending accounts. My pat response is, “I’m in the business of finance education, not finance promotion”. After one year of investing and earning returns north of 10%, I decided to show you a screenshot of my investments and returns.For a complete picture of where and how to get out-sized returns on your cash, please check out, the screen shot of my […]

Make $3,600 by managing your clothes spending – BarbaraFriedberg’s WEALTH TIPS #17

Clothes cost less than ever, exploit the savings. Inflation makes almost everything more expensive. Yet, clothing costs remain constant over decades.

Make $3,600 with this smart clothes shopping strategy. Here’s how:

Stock up on the classics when they go on sale at the end of the season. Classic slacks, shirts, and  t shirts, don’t go out of style. At the end of every season, clothes are marked way down. Use that opportunity to buy the items you will wear in the future. My husband loved the Marc Anthony line at Kohl’s but was unwilling to pay $40 for a shirt. At the end of August, he bought the shirt when it dropped to $10. That’s a $30 savings (…)

Use the “Spaghetti Strategy” for Wealth Building – Barbara Friedberg’s WEALTH TIPS #16

In The Start-up of You, by Hoffman and Casnocha, the respective founders of LinkedIn and Zynga shout that, if you aren’t evolving, you are dying. In today’s economy, you need to add to your skill base, seek new opportunities, and prove your value to your employer. Do not be shy about sharing why you are an important and valuable employee.
When I was in my 20’s, dating, and seeking a mate, someone said “just get on the bus and keep on riding the bus and eventually you will meet your mate”. In other words, keep putting yourself in places where you’ll meet someone, keep putting yourself out there and connecting with people, and eventually you’ll find a partner. After joining countless community involvement groups, networks, and you name it, I eventually found and married my spouse.

The Spaghetti Strategy is this. (…)

Cheap Summer Vacation Tips (& more) – Barbara Friedberg’s WEALTH TIPS #15

( I know it’s the beginning of winter, but these tips still apply!)
This year’s getaway is to Vegas! We are taking our daughter and mom on a four day, three night trip. The room and airfare for the four of us is $1,100.00. For those math impaired, that’s $275.00 per person. Of course we’ll need to eat and have some fun, but I’ll let you know how to do that on the cheap as well. (…)

Tip to Create Lifetime Security and Satisfaction – BarbaraFriedberg’s WEALTH TIPS #14

A bleak future does not have to be your reality.
The theory of life cycle economics purports that the best measure of your financial well being is how much enjoyment you receive from consuming experiences, goods, and services throughout your lifetime. This theory shifts from the view that dollars in the bank equals happiness to the reality that how you live and consume, both now and in the future determines your life satisfaction.
Human Capital is the Starting Point
Your earning power or human capital equals in the millions of dollars over a lifetime.
Every decision you make to consume today, impacts your ability to consume in the future.
You want a nice flow of income today, tomorrow, and in retirement.(…)

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