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I signed up months ago to build with Habitat for Humanity with our temple’s service day. I try to give back, love to build, and was excited to finally work on a Habitat home. Come Sunday morning, and I wasn’t feeling too energetic. Was this really how I wanted to spend my Sunday? Actually, I did not want to go when the time came.

Wealth in Life

Wealth in Life

I didn’t say anything to Jr. Carina, my daughter as we drove to the site.  I was pleased the site was only a few miles from our home and it’s always a treat to have some mom and daughter time. (Always try to look at the positives 🙂 ) During the orientation I was fascinated to learn that Habitat builds homes for folks world wide  and each homeowner must contribute 500 hours to the construction of their own home.

I was still thinking about all the work I could have done had I stayed home.

The funny thing was, as we started measuring, cutting, drilling, and hammering I started to enjoy myself. Luckily, the sky was crystal blue and the temperature mild. We continued carrying the lumber, measuring, and building a complicated (for me) fence. At 10:30 there was a snack break and  sandwiches for lunch at noon.

On the drive home, Jr Carina said she had so much fun she wanted to do it again next week. In spite of staple gunning insulation to the inside of the house, high on a scary ladder, she couldn’t contain her enthusiasm. When asked what was the most fun, Jr. replied, “Doing something important and working with the homeowner.”


I came home physically exhausted, more tired than I’ve been in a long time. Yet, paradoxically, I was also clear headed and motivated to do a bit of work. I put the finishing touches on the final edit of How to Get Rich; Wealth Building Guide for the Financially Illiterate and sent it off for the last pre publication steps. I tackled some other work duties with enthusiasm. How could 5 strenuous hours of challenging outdoor work leave me so motivated to do my paying work?

Doing something totally out of your routine offers your body and mind a mini-rebirth. Your endorphin’s, mind, body, and imagination have a chance to bloom.  The result is unexpected vigor.

The takeaway, schedule in the unexpected. Get out of your routine. Don’t worry about “getting everything done,” because life is never complete. Have an adventure and savor the beauty of the free opportunities life offers: time with kids, friends, hiking, giving back, and being creative. That’s what a wealthy life is all about!

And getting a bit of work done when I came home…. well that part will translate into more money.


Get a notebook and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.

1. Put the computer away.

2. Get off your butt and do something different with someone special.

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