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My First Experience Earning Extra Money on the Side and the Lessons Learned

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Guest contributor, Alexandra of Real Simple Finances

I’m a Fiverr Seller!

Tips for Selling on Fivrr

Tips for Selling on Fivrr

“Guess what, guess what? I got my first order!” I excitedly squealed, shoving the phone in my husband’s face. It was my first sale on Fiverr. My job: post 10 comments on blogs in the purchaser’s niche, using the purchaser’s URL and email address to drive traffic to his or her site. I knew I would easily fulfill the order, get a positive review, and start making thousands of dollars online. No problem.

Except, there was a problem. I was packing to leave on vacation with my family. I spent the morning getting everything together, and the afternoon on a 5 hour car ride. I couldn’t fulfill the order then, because I get extremely carsick when I read. I decided to wait until we got to the condo.

But wait, there’s more. The condo is in the mountains, and the internet connectivity there is painfully slow. By the time I was able to connect and start typing the request, the websites wouldn’t load, my email wouldn’t load, and my account wouldn’t verify. The only website that would load was Fiverr, showing me a menacing countdown of 4 hours, 32 minutes and 28 – no, 26 – seconds remaining. I was freaking out. I knew I was going to lose the sale, and I would never, ever make money on Fiverr again. (I’m a bit dramatic, can you tell?)

Tips to Handle Entrepreneurial Problems

Eventually, I got the job done, and I did get my positive review. But there are a few things I learned from this experience that are essential to being a successful entrepreneur.

1. While hoping for the best is a good starting place, you should always plan for the worst.

When I said I could post 10 blog comments in 1 day, I didn’t realize that my order would come in at midnight on a day that I needed to drive 5 hours, pack, and fight with the internet. While promising a quick turnaround is good for business, you have to make sure you’ve given yourself enough time so that setbacks won’t ruin your success.

2. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

I nearly had to talk myself out of a panic attack when I feared I wouldn’t complete the order. I had to remind myself that this $5 order ($4 really, after Fiverr takes its fee!) wasn’t worth ruining the start of my vacation for. What was the worst that could happen? I would kick off my Fiverr career with a negative rating. I wouldn’t make $4. This person would never order from me again. It’s a big internet out there. There are plenty of other sites to make money from, and an endless supply of potential new customers. This wasn’t going to ruin my freelancing career.

3. Your time is valuable. Charge appropriately.

I didn’t account for how long this job would actually take me. If you factor in the headaches, the grumpiness my family had to deal with as I fought with my computer, and the high level of stress I encountered over that hour, it was a very difficult $4 to earn. While I think 50 cents per comment is a reasonable fee, I didn’t factor in research time.

I changed up my strategy for the next time. I am still offering 10 comments, but I have promised them in 3 days instead of 1. I received an order yesterday, just as I was finishing up cleaning my office, my husband and I were about to have lunch, and then I had a Jack and Jill party to attend. I would have stressed myself trying to finish the comments that day, and probably missed lunch with my husband. The 3-day buffer helps me when unforeseen circumstances arise.

Now, I have a regular customer. As a bonus, I’m more familiar with his niche; this cuts down on some searching time, as I already have websites in my arsenal I can bring up.

While I’m not getting rich on Fiverr, it was a very valuable experience that taught me a lot about my ability to handle stress being realistic in my promises.

Guest contributor Alexandra is the owner of Real Simple Finances, where she blogs about easy finance tips for real people. She can be found on Twitter at: @RSFAlexandra.

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Have you ever freelanced? What were your experiences?


  1. I never freelanced, but this seems interesting. Frankly, my day job offers some extra money for very little effort. I can cover classes as a teacher and earn an hour’s pay.


    August 30, 2013

  2. Huh, sounds like a nice (and hectic) experience 🙂 and the lessons just awesome. I’d also put my seal of approval on #2 from experience, don’t sweat the small stuff, as long as its not life-threatning, things will be okay.
    Secondly with side-gigs, a little confidence goes a long way.

    Modest Money

    August 31, 2013

  3. What a Fiverr adventure! Way to follow through and great lessons learned. I need to remember not to sweat the small stuff. Thanks for the reminder!

    Buck Inspire

    September 2, 2013

  4. @Krantc, Modes, and Buck,
    I loved this guest article too and found the information so informative. I hope to hire some contractors from fiver. I was surprised that the contractor only receives $4.

    Barbara Friedberg

    September 2, 2013

  5. I hate those moments of unnecessary stress. I went through a similar experience when I first sold something on ebay. The pay out was certainly not worth the headache. Live and learn and adjust for next time 🙂

    • @Stefanie, So many of life’s lessons must be experienced, not read about! I guess thats where the old truism “live and learn” comes from.

      Barbara Friedberg

      September 4, 2013

  6. Fiverr freelancers offer some really great deals. You may find a questionable contractor there – just like anywhere else – but you can’t give up.

    Glad you got it working smoothly and you have a regular customer.

    Betsy @ ConsumerFu.com

    November 4, 2013

  7. Personally I find it the easiest to start making money on Fiverr by following your interest while providing a service that is in high demand, such as video testimonials (if you love acting, that is). These days video testimonials are all the rage and if you’re not extremely shy in front of a camera, you can certainly start making some money quickly on Fiverr by investing in a decent quality camera. And pretty much that’s it! Just follow your intuition and have fun doing it, and understand that at the beginning you’re not going to be making a lot of money shooting videos of yourself, but if you look at the ones on Fiverr that have 2000 plus positive reviews, you know that there is serious money to be made if you persist, which is what I’m aiming to do.. so far I’ve got about 10 but I’m optimistic that through hard work and dedication I’ll be driving the numbers up steadily..

    The key is creating value for others while having fun doing it, and be consistent.. and remember: creating a service is much easier than creating a product.



    March 1, 2015

  8. Mike, thanks for sharing your experience. I personally use Fiverr a lot and have found many great freelancers there.

    Barbara Friedberg

    March 1, 2015

  9. Fiverr is the largest online marketplace, and it’s an easy way to making money. Fiverr provides an amazing service at $5 and it seems interesting. Thanks for sharing your experience.


    April 22, 2015

  10. Hey Barbara, thanks for the information.

    Just wondering if you have checked out Source Market? It’s a relatively new version of Fiverr used mainly for SEO gigs.
    It’s becoming very popular quite quickly.
    I would be interested to know your opinion. Have you heard of it?
    Cheers, Mark.


    April 15, 2016


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