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Do you Read the Wall Street Journal?

I love the Wall Street Journal. I read it every day and devour the “Money and Investing” section first! Fridays have me dreaming over the “Mansions” section. If you don’t have several million dollars to spend on a home, do what I do, enjoy window shopping. Bloomberg Businessweek and Money Magazine are also on my regular reading list. So which parts of these investing news publications are the most important? Read on and find out.

Take Business News with a Grain of Salt

Take Business News with a Grain of Salt

Do You Care About the Daily Ups and Downs of the Dow Jones Industrial Average?


I laugh when someone says to me, “The DOW was up 100 points or the NASDAQ fell 100 points”. In fact, here’s a quote from today’s WSJ:

“Stocks spent the day in a narrow band, with the DJIA finishing down 5.83 points, or less than 0.1%, at 15419.68.”

How does this information help me grow my wealth? It doesn’t, in fact it’s just noise.

Should I buy or sell based upon how the stock market indexes performed?

I’ve invested for decades and adhere to a balanced approach because the research supports the efficient market hypothesis (EMH). In general, the efficient market hypothesis alleges that in the short run, stock prices move randomly up and down. Over the long term, it is almost impossible to beat the returns of the market. Because the market rapidly incorporates most public information into stock prices. This means that stocks trade at their “fair value” and it is quite difficult to “beat” the market over time. (I know, there are market anomalies, but that’s for another article).

How to Read the Financial and Investment News

Here’s my advice when reading the financial news; keep abreast of major trends. I’m interested in new investment products such as the new Floating Rate Note from the US website.

There are certain news topics on which to focus. For example, be aware of worldwide market growth trends. For example, is growth in developing markets such as India, Brazil, and China waning? Or, is the European debt crisis coming to an end? If you hold individual stocks, keep abreast of the newest developments in the company and it’s market. But, don’t worry if the market goes up or down on a day to day basis. If you try to time the markets you will fail.

In sum, be an informed citizen of the world and the economies. Be an informed consumer of the business, economic, and investing news. Remember, everything printed is not worth your attention.

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What business and financial publications do you read? How do you act on the information?

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