If You’re an Investor – Personal Capital Will Organize Your Finances (For Free)

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Personal Capital Will Simplify Your Investing

Everything You Need to Know About Personal Capital

You must sign up for Personal Capital because of the free Personal Capital Dashboard! 

You may have seen the Personal Capital TV commercials. If they didn’t draw you in, then learn why this robo-advisor or automated investment advisor is a required tool for anyone who wants to maximize their wealth.

This Personal Capital Review is a deep dive into their platform to see how it works and if it’s the right investment manager for you. Even if you don’t hire Personal Capital to manage your investment portfolio, you must sign up for Personal Capital’s free financial software, tools, calculators and more.

You can track all of your investments and bank accounts without paying anything.

It’s a more complex version of Mint.com with a focus on investing. Comparable (or better than) Quicken, Personal Capital is free. I use both Personal Capital and Quicken and my Personal Capital dashboard is easier to use and updates more easily than the paid Quicken program!

Free retirement planner

Whether you are an experienced investor or just starting out financially, Personal Capital offers something for you. You must sign up for Personal Capital – its free.

The Personal Capital financial software will simplify your financial life. 

I understand that you need to know more, so here is my personal review of the platform. 

What Is Personal Capital?

Here’s what you need to know about this comprehensive robo-advisor platform.

Personal Capital takes all of your financial accounts and gives you information and direction about how to best allocate your money and investments to yield the greatest long term financial outcome.

More than 1.8 million people use Personal Capital to track over $7.5 billion in assets.

The platform works seamlessly. To begin the process, connect all of your accounts with the bank-level security encryption. There’s room in the platform for mortgage, credit cards, bank accounts, investment accounts, 401(k), IRA’s and most other types of financial accounts. This process is surprisingly quick. You can also add accounts manually.

As soon as the accounts are connected to the Personal Capital program, the free service gives you personalized financial information about; budgeting, spending, saving, investing, asset allocation and even tax loss harvesting.

You Must Sign Up for Personal Capital If:

  • You want a 3600 view of your complete financial picture; bills, income, debt, investments and more.
  • You’re a DIY investor who likes control of your finances.
  • You have many investments across various accounts.
  • You want to drill down into free retirement planning calculations.
  • You’re interested in planning for Junior’s college expenses. 
  • You want a continuously updated record of income versus spending and a comparison with the previous month. 
  • You might want to speak with an experienced financial advisor.

If you answered yes to at least one item, you must sign up for a free Personal Capital Account

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