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Interview with the authors of POWER SPENDING

Every time I’m asked to review a personal finance book I become intrigued by the authors; their backgrounds, experience, and motivations for writing. Today, you’ll learn a bit more about Carolyn Johnston, Eric Poulin, and Robin Poulin; co-authors of Power Spending. I reviewed their excellent book on the Yakezie.com website, so make sure to stop by after reading this article. You can even enter to win a FREE COPY of Power Spending at the Yakezie.com, best personal finance website.

Why write another personal finance book in any already crowded niche?

The authors wanted to write a FUN TO READ book about money, how to use it, and spend it more effectively—that would make this important topic (that most people find dry and difficult) interesting and understandable while still providing HUGE VALUE to readers. Recognizing that everyone’s situation is different and that individuals everywhere have amazing ideas to save money, they also wanted to include a variety of peoples’ money saving ideas throughout the book. The idea of everyday people truly getting in control of their money and becoming financial “super-heroes” came to mind and POWER SPENDING was born.

(Barb’s comment; they succeeded, the book is both informative and fun!)

What qualifies the authors to write on this topic?

 Carolyn Johnston has spent most of her adult life working at jobs that were connected in some way to money. She started as a bank teller, then went into tax preparation and finally into financial planning. She saw firsthand how families struggle financially and decided that she would like to write a book about cash management and how to spend money better.

 Eric Poulin is the CEO and cofounder of Calendar Budget Inc. and developer of CalendarBudget®, an online personal finance manager that makes it easy to track your money and reach your financial goals. Eric learned principles of cash management from his parents at an early age, studied more on the topic, and now helps others implement these principles through CalendarBudget®.

 Robin Poulin is Vice-President of Business Development and cofounder of Calendar Budget Inc.  As a mother of 5 young children she is always looking for ways to save money and find great deals. She knows how to get more for her money! Robin’s passion is people—helping them find success as they set their goals and work towards achieving them.

How can people who are strapped for time get better value for their money?

Having to search for deals and coupons can take time but you have to decide if the money you can save is worth your time. Time is money—make your time count when you are looking for deals. Take advantage of online websites that are designed to get you better deals for your money, will do your comparison shopping and will even monitor prices for you and tell you if the price has dropped. It will take some time to set these things up but then you can sit back and let the websites work for you.

If you are looking ahead at future needs, you will be able to take advantage of sales when you see them, You won’t get caught having to spend top dollar because you need an item right NOW.

There are LOTS of ideas and resources in the book and on the website to help you get better deals in every area.

How Can I Get a Copy of Power Spending?

Click on the link to the right and it will take you to a site where you can either buy a soft cover edition or an eBook. (And I get a slight bonus if you buy from my link J )

Also, head over to the Yakezie.com site, read my review, and enter to win a free copy!


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