The Drugstore Game Saves Money (and Links)

Secrets to saving a lot of money, from a reformed coupon hater.

I tried, I really did. The coupon thing seems so smart, just cut out the coupons, bring them to the store and save money. Here’s how I would do it. Cut out the coupons and go to the store without the coupons. Or bring coupons along and leave them in the car. Or even worse yet, put coupons in my purse, go to the store and forget to take them out of my purse.

I was a horrible couponer!

the drugstore game

The Drugstore Game Inspired Me

Frugal Confessions, Amanda Grossman just launched a money-saving ebook, The Drugstore Game. This book lays out how to combine free CVS dollars (which CVS awards when you buy certain items) with store and manufacturer coupons to save big. I decided to commit to the strategy and see if I could do it! I tried it with the idea of only looking at coupons that could be redeemed at CVS, so as not to overwhelm myself.

The first week I concentrated on buying the items from CVS I needed and which gave me cash back. I didn’t have any coupons so I didn’t save much the first week. But, I did earn almost $20 in “free CVS money” due to the items I bought. Then, I got the newspaper and cut out only a few coupons for products I could buy at CVS.

The next week, armed with a fantastic 25% off everything coupon (which I got just for signing up for CVS rewards), my $20 free CVS bucks from last week, a $5 off coupon for makeup (I needed moisturizer), a 2 for 1 pack of Gillette disposable razors, and another manufacturers coupon, I saved $40 on a $60 bill! That’s a 66% savings.

I was so excited and motivated. I think I can continue accruing enormous savings by following the simple guidelines in the Drugstore Game. It does take a bit of prep time, but not too much. I picked up a folder and stuck the coupons into 4 categories; household supplies, personal care, food, and restaurant (that’s not at CVS). I keep the free money in the file too. I’m keeping the shopping simple by only buying a few things at once and only items my family will use. This week I didn’t need anything that offered extra bucks, but my daughter wanted Physicians Formula make up and that product had a $6 free CVS extra bucks offer with a purchase of just $10. I told her I’d reimburse the $6 extra bucks if she bought the makeup at CVS. It won’t be a saving for me, but it helped out my daughter a bit! (Isn’t that what moms are for?).

The book is cheap, only $3.97. Trust me, if I can implement this money saving strategy, anyone can.

I’m amazing at investing and growing wealth, but up until now, a real amateur at using coupons. Give it a try and save!

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What’s your best money saving strategy? Coupons or not?

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