Billshark Review-Save Money on Your Bills

Billshark is a company specializing in negotiating down your bills and canceling the subscriptions you no longer use.

This Billshark Review will show how the app can save you time and money. Whether the Billshark Ap is best for you depends on many factors. Most important among these are your aversion to negotiating bills yourself and the cost of your time.

Whatever you decide, please don’t leave money on the table: your bills can be lower for the asking.

What is Billshark?

Billshark is an online service that helps you negotiate, or cancel, your subscription services bills. More specifically, Billshark app can lower your internet, wireless, Pay TV, and satellite radio subscription fees.

Billshark promises to save you 25%, or more, on your monthly subscription services bills and boasts a 90% successful negotiation rate. More impressively, the largest reported saving for a single customer is $9,500 (and I don’t even wish to start imagining what this person’s monthly bills are).

Apart from that, Billshark offers a free ‘insurance rate check’ tool – a comparison service to ensure you are not overpaying your home and auto insurance. The average reported saving from using this tool is over $450.

Billshark Video Review

Billshark and Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban, the star of “Shark Tank,” backed Billshark in 2018 and started advising the company.

“Companies that save their customers both time and money always catch my attention. Billshark eliminates the stress of negotiating or canceling a bill, so its customers can focus on more productive and long-term goals.”

Mark Cuban

Cuban’s involvement in Billshark increased the company’s visibility.

How to Lower Bills with Billshark?

Here is how to lower your bills with Billshark.

Enroll in the service-This takes several minutes. Once you have enrolled, you submit a copy of the bills you wish ‘the sharks’ to lower or cancel. You have a choice of either providing a photo or an upload of your bill(s). There is also the option to give Billshark your bill(s) credentials.

(I am always nervous when people ask me to provide the credentials to my account, even when it is bills, so a photo would be my preference.)

Bill is assigned a shark-After you have sent a bill, it is allocated to a ‘Shark’ specializing in negotiating this type of bill. After the Shark has done some research and contacted your provider, you will receive a personal email and a phone call informing you whether the negotiations to lower your bills have been successful.

Receive email message-In the email, the Shark will tell you:

  • How much you saved
  • The date when the new rate takes effect
  • A breakdown of the negotiation.

Within three days of a successful negotiation, you will receive an invoice via email. There will be no invoice if the negotiation has been unsuccessful.

How to Sign up for Billshark?

There are five steps to signing up with Billshark.

1. Open an Account

Click on the ‘Sign up’ button in the top right corner of the home page and fill in your name, mobile phone, email, and password. You can choose to use your Google account to sign up. You will also be asked to provide personal data, including your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

2. Choose Subscription Plan

Next, you will be asked to select the type of subscription-based services you would like to save money and the service providers.

You can choose to have any number of bills negotiated, on your behalf.

Billshark also cancels unwanted subscriptions.

3. Upload Images of Bills to be Negotiated

Upload images of bills or your account logins for the bills you would like Billshark to help you negotiate for lower rates. Billshark’s secure website app makes it easy to upload the bills.

4. Authorize Billshark’s Negotiators

Next, you’ll give Billshark’s negotiators authorization to research your bills and negotiate rates with the service providers on your account.

5. Get Notified by Phone and Email

You will receive a phone call and an email to confirm whether the Shark negotiating your bill has succeeded in securing a lower rate.

Please note that once you have authorised Billshark to negotiate on your behalf, you cannot reject the savings they have found – you have to accept any savings they find for you.

Who is Billshark Best For?

Billshark is best for people who lack the discipline, time, and skill to check and renegotiate their bills regularly to keep costs low. It is also suitable for people who simply dislike chasing lower rates and negotiating with their service providers.

On the other hand, if you have the time to compare the prices of service providers, the skills to negotiate lower payments, and the discipline to do it regularly, Billshark may not be for you.

Using Billshark is also not appropriate if your bills, and the savings on these bills, are low from the start – given that Billshark charges 40% of the savings, a small amount of saving maybe not worth the time, and the $9 cancellation service.

Finally, whether using Billshark is justified depends on how expensive your time is – people whose time is costly are more suited to use the service.

If your time is cheap, you may do better, spending an hour investigating and negotiating bill reduction yourself.

How Does Billshark get Paid?

Bill NegotiationSubscription
One time fee of 40%
of savings
Per cancelled
Insurance Comparison is free

Billshark Fees

Billshark charges a service fee, which is 40% of the savings they negotiate for you. Put simply, this means that if they save you $100 per month over the next twelve months on your TV subscription, the fee will be $480 (this is 40% of a twelve-month saving of $1,200.)

You will be invoiced for the service fee three days after you have been informed of the negotiation outcome, and you can pay upfront or set up a payment plan for an extra charge of $9. Note that you don’t get charged if Billshark didn’t manage to lower your bill.

Billshark also charges a $9 cancellation when you wish to cancel any subscription you authorised them to investigate.

I have to admit that the service fee Billshark charge seemed high to me until I remembered that there is no fee if bill reduction was not negotiated and that I still get to keep the 60% of the savings. That counts for something, especially if the savings would have been impossible to achieve without Billshark.

Is Billshark legit? BBB Reviews

I delved into the Better Business Bureau reviews as well as other online reviews. After all, this does sound a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Billshark has received plenty of top reviews. Customers have found working with the company easy and rewarding, whereby in some cases, savings go into the thousands.

On the other hand, a minority has found the service disappointing. What I found concerning is that two themes that come through repeatedly are that Billshark saved on bills by downgrading the service and that customers were approached repeatedly for further business in cases where payments were not reduced.

There was a response from Billshark after every negative review. The company attempted to resolve the concern. I found this quite refreshing.

Some negative Billshark reviews stem from misunderstanding the costs of using this service.

On average, Billshark seems to hold an appeal.

How Much Does Billshark Cost?

You can sign up with Billshark, and this is FREE.

Here is what you can expect:

Submitting your bills to Billshark is FREE.

Billshark charges 40% of the savings it has negotiated. The thing is, a saving of $2,000 over 24 months comes with an $800 bill that must be paid upfront (although a payment plan over several months can be negotiated for a payment of $9).

You will be charged a $9 cancellation service per canceled subscription.

Billshark Rewards

When you use Billshark, you get access to thousands of rewards like:

  • Name brand shopping deals on Nike, NorthFace, Fitbit, Sonos and more
  • Restaurant deals
  • Daily Amazon giveaways
  • Travel deals including hotels
  • Best price guarantee
  • Free shipping
  • Grocery rewards


How does Billshark negotiate?

When you submit a bill you want to lower, it is assigned to a Shark – a person specialising in negotiating this type of bill. They know the industry, they follow what is on offer, and they have experience negotiating bills. It is likely the reason bill negotiation that may take you an hour, a Shark completes in minutes.

Is Billshark safe?

Billshark uses bank standard encryption (256-bit encryption) and uses a payment processing service with the highest level of PCI certification when taking your payments. Billshark claims that it does not store credit card data.

What are the Pros and Cons of Billshark?


Saves time by negotiating bills on your behalf.

No charge if your bills were not lowered.

Cancels unused subscriptions.

Easy to use.

Access to professional bill negotiators.

Comprehensive list of FAQ.


High fee percentage of savings that can add up to a substantial amount.

The fee is paid upfront when savings are over a long period.

Can’t refuse or deny saving even if this is inappropriate.

Over-incentive to achieve savings can lead to under-handed ways (like downgrading the service).

Bill-cutting negotiation services are limited to subscriptions.

Billshark Review Wrap up – Should you try Billshark?

Whether to hire Billshark to negotiate your bills or not is a decision to make by considering whether you have the time, discipline, and skill to research and negotiate your recurrent bills.

Nobody should leave money on the table and leave themselves exposed to creeping price inflation. Whether you research and negotiate your bills, or you delegate this to a service like Billshark also depends on how expensive is your time.

Would I use Billshark? Probably yes: my time is expensive, and I don’t have the patience and skill to research and negotiate my bills.

By, Maria Nedeva, PhDBusiness professor at the University of Manchester, writes about making money, investing, money management, and paying off debt on The Money Principle.

Disclosure: Please note that this article may contain affiliate links which means that – at zero cost to you – I might earn a commission if you sign up or buy through the affiliate link. That said, I never recommend anything I don’t personally believe is valuable.