How to Invest and Outperform Most Active Mutual Fund Managers

Have you wondered if there is a better way to invest?


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Investing is an excellent way to earn passive income and save for long term goals such as retirement.

Do you jump into the markets when they are rising, get scared and bail out after they fall?

If you do, you’re not alone. Many investors fall victim to unscrupulous advisors or their own fears and anxieties.

Investing doesn’t need to be scary, time consuming, or difficult.

I started investing in my 20′s and attended my first “retirement” workshop at age 25 (and I was the youngest one in the room by at least 3 decades). Since that time, I’ve met our family’s retirement goals and helped countless others learn how to invest without all the drama.

Let me help you become wealthier than you could image by executing basic smart investing strategies.

If you’re looking for a “get rich quick” scheme, this is not for you. Smart investing strategies are about letting small money behaviors turn into long term wealth.

How to Invest and Outperform Most Active Mutual Fund Managers micro book, quickly and clearly leads you on the path of building hundreds of thousands of dollars for retirement. There is no trick or scheme.

Create a simple investing plan based on finance research.

After spending some time setting up your portfolio, maintain your finances in a few hours per quarter.

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“This book is written for the person that knows they should be doing something to increase their odds at a happy retirement, but has avoided digging in and making a plan. If you have dodged addressing this because you thought it was too difficult, or were confused by the lingo, this easy to read work may be just the ticket.” ~Felita Daniels

“I am always skeptical of alleged schemes to beat the pros on Wall St., but this is the real deal using time proven methods based on the investing principles of John C. Bogle, the founder of both Vanguard and the Index Fund asset class. As a former college level instructor, the author presents a complex investment strategy in a way that is clear and easy to understand. I read the e-book but I plan to buy a print version to share with others in the office who have become disenchanted with their managed stock portfolios. A quick, easy read well worth your time.” ~Stanley Riggs

“Invest and Beat the Pros is an inspiring guide that uses quality strategies to help you develop a knowledgeable plan to do well with your investing portfolio!

The author introduces you to a wealth of information that will help you build your investment confidence. I like the fact the author has provided plenty of sources throughout. What this does is boost the credibility of this guide immensely!”~Cathy Wilson