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It’s no secret that persistence is a fundamental trait of success. How many times have you embarked on a new pursuit or a project only to give up after awhile because results aren’t forthcoming? Clearly, without persistence and tenacity, success is impossible.

Personally, my own youth was littered with unfinished projects. After adopting an optimistic and diligent outlook, my life took a 180 allowing me to achieve tremendous success in business, finance, and education.


Persistence leads to success. Daniel Goleman, the renowned author of Emotional Intelligence, introduces the concept of POSITIVE MOTIVATION, which incorporates “enthusiasm, zeal, and confidence-in achievement” (pg. 79). These behaviors influence the success of Olympic athletes, world-class musicians, and chess grand masters.  Research studies identify how these outstanding achievers motivate themselves to such high levels of training.

Enthusiasm and persistence,  regardless of setbacks, are the characteristics which lead to uber success. You are probably not a world renowned musician or olympic athlete, but, use this research to propel you towards your own definition of success.

Emotions are a huge deterrent to success. Let your fears and weaknesses govern your behavior and you will stagnate. Ever caught yourself saying, “I can’t do it, it’s too hard” about a new activity? If so, you realize that if you quit after thoses defeatest thoughts, you will not succeed.

Tips to Develop Persistence

  1. Keep an optimistic mindset. That doesn’t mean overlook the negatives, but rather adopt the attitude that overall things will turn out okay. My daughter is currently applying to graduate schools and remarked, “Although applying to graduate school is really demanding and unnerving, I can comfort myself by saying, at least I will get in somewhere.” That is the operational definition of an optimistic mindset.
  2. Have a short memory. Everyone fails; those who try more, fail more frequently. After a defeat, analyze what went wrong, then move on. Focus on how to improve at the next attempt.
  3. Find the flow, that state when only the task-at-hand is present. You feel at one with your present activity and are single-mindedly involved in the present. Work at a time when your energy level is high and make an effort to focus and remain calm. A bit of extra demand or pressure is conducive to peak performance.

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