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Imagine this, it’s 8:21 am, temperature 24 degrees Fahrenheit and icy. El Carino and I are sitting in a hotel lobby. Into the lobby walks a mom, wearing a top, sweater, and jeans accompanied by her daughter in a soccer uniform; shorts, ankle guards, and uniform top. Neither were wearing coats.

You may be thinking, who cares, mind your own business. But I do care, about the environment and the economy!

I am 99% certain these two are headed for the car, where in lieu of putting on their coats, they will crank up the heat. These are the same folks who are too lazy to walk into the fast food joint and would rather wait 15 minutes in a long line, motor running, for their hamburger and fries.

What is wrong?

Let’s list their infractions. 

  1. Wasting precious energy, by leaving the heat on high before letting the car properly warm up.
  2. Wasting money by running the heat on high, using extra fuel, instead of simply putting on a coat.
  3. Mom is teaching these wasteful habits to her daughter who will then continue the cycle of waste.

Over the course of the year, this family probably spends countless extra fuel and money on habits which could be changed. Now, I’m not opposed to convenience, but being too late or lazy to put on a coat is just WRONG.

The takeaway

Be mindful of those small wastes; time, money, and energy.

Small changes in your lifestyle lead to more money in your pocket and more natural resources for future generations.

Think before you act.

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What do you think, am I being too judgmental? What are small steps you take to save money and the environment?

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