3 Tips to Become a Successful Investor

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Easy Investing Tips 

“Investing should be like watching grass grow or paint dry. If you want excitement, take $1,000 and go to Las Vegas.” Paul Samuelson

Investing and Financial Success

I had the pleasure of being recruited at an important financial conference to give my best finance  and investing tips. It was not only fun to talk about what works in wealth building, but also great to do it ‘on camera’. I love to share the ways to become a successful investor and the more you get the steps and strategies to build wealth, the fewer financial stresses you experience. 

Smart small and you’ll be amazed at how a few money changes can lead to big financial results. 

Here’s where to start.

1. Spend with Intention

Intention is everything- Set priorities first. Every pay period you receive a certain amount of income. How you spend those dollars determines not only your today, but also your tomorrow.

Every dollar spent is a trade off between having something today or having much more in the future. Think about how to save money for the future.

Take $1,000 today from your monthly paycheck and invest in your future. In ten years, that $1,000 today at a 6% return (achieved by investing in a diversified investment classes portfolio) may grow to $1,819.40.

Keep that $1,000 invested today growing 40 years for  retirement and that same $1,000 invested today at a 6% return (achieved by investing in a diversified asset classes investment portfolio) may grow to $10,957.45.

Do you want to spend $1,000 today on a couple of months luxury car payment or drive a more affordable model and boost retirement spending by $11,000?

Every dollar spent is a vote on your lifestyle. Spend today, sacrifice wealth tomorrow.

2. Start Saving and Investing Early

The greatest contributor to future wealth is time in the markets.

You may not care about your future today, but taking a small amount of your earnings, investing them with a diversification strategy in index funds allows you to have a financially successful life today and tomorrow.

Make every dollar work hard for you now and tomorrow.

3. Keep Fear at Bay and Start Now {to Become a Successful Investor}

Sign up today for a Roth IRA investment account at a discount broker or through your workplace retirement fund.

Keep it simple and easy. Choose your asset classes; a diversified U.S. stock market index fund, a diversified international stock market index fund, and a diversified bond market index fund.

Get started now. Read Invest and Beat the Pros to give you easy to digest investing information. Then set your investing on auto-pilot and get on with your life.

Become successful with your money management and improve your life.

How to become a successful investor.

How do you overcome fear and motivate yourself to invest today? Have any tips for others?

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