Resilience and Wealth; Inspired by Sean P. Diddy Combs

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Wealth is More Than Money

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“I’m coming home, I’m coming home, tell the world I’m coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. I know my kindgom awaits and they’ve forgotten my mistakes. I’m coming home, I’m coming home tell the world that I’m coming.

Back where I belong, yeah I never felt so strong. (I’m back baby) I feel like there’s nothing that I can’t try and if you with me put your hands high. If you ever lost a light before, this ones for you and you, the dreams are for you.” Sean P. Diddy from Coming Home on Last Train to Paris album.

Wealth in Life, Inspired by P. Diddy

Over the years, I’ve written a lot about embracing experience over things.

In general, I’m quite unsentimental, but when I saw Sean P. Diddy talking about his life and listened to his song, Coming Home, I was deeply touched by his candor. He talked about how performing for the troops humbled him and made him feel profoundly grateful. As he related his difficult upbringing and performed this song, I became overwhelmed with gratitude as well.

More than gratitude, he expressed the resilience of one who has endured a difficult upbringing and triumphed. He talked about dealing with the ups and downs, something we all can relate to! And finally, “coming home, that place where they’ve forgotten my mistakes.”

“Money Can’t Make Up for it”

Money beyond a certain level, provides minimal additional satisfaction. That’s not my opinion, but a fact backed up by many research studies.

Another well known fact is that Combs has plenty of money; nevertheless, another lyric in the song underscores the futility of money in the face of loss.  “Can’t make up for the loss when your loved ones are gone.” Just ask Caroline Kennedy or Elizabeth Edward’s children.

Remember in all of your striving, competing, and working to get ahead, what really matters.

Never believe you have the most troubles of anyone. There is always another with difficulties larger than yours. Life is not about avoiding pain, or running from turmoil.

Getting up from a fall and moving on is where true satisfaction resides.

Wealth in life is mostly about things that can’t be bought; friends, family, health, and community.

Although I love writing about money management and how to achieve financial wealth, don’t ever think that it is more important than WEALTH IN LIFE. Challenge yourself to welcome adversity, triumph over it, and be thankful for what you have!

And never take for granted your home and the important people in your life. After losing our water for five hours this week, I realized how little I appreciate our easy access to water. I could spend hours counting all our good fortune, even during the worst times.


  • Spend 30 seconds doing NOTHING.
  • Write down everything you appreciate in your life.
  • Listen to some of your favorite music!
  • Disconnect

What makes you WEALTHY IN LIFE?