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15 Personal Finance Blogs by People of Color

Finance and investing success is for all, not just for a priviledged few who grew up in the “right” communities and went to the “best” schools. With the connectivity of the global community and the democratization of information, there still exists a divide between the “haves” and the “have nots.” 

One way to level the financial playing field is though education and mentoring. These outstanding people of color are teaching others smart money practices. 

To create financial success, learn the money rules early and follow those who are successfully creating wealth, from all realms of society. With that in mind, let me introduce financial publishers who are making a difference.

Each of these influencers shares one of their favorite blog posts. Please follow them and learn more about how to succeed with your money. The personal finance blogs are listed in random order.

Top Financial Blogs by People of Color


1. Money Smart Latina by Athena Valentine

“You can’t save what you don’t earn so lets start talkin’ Latinas.”

Athena Valentine

Athena covers the money subjects like debt, emergency funds, financial empowerment, and goals – from a Latina perspective.

What You Need to do Before Your Parents get any Older

“Growing up, I thought it was weird my friends didn’t live with their grandparents. Who was gonna bust out the cookie tin that really held the sewing kit or light the Virgin Mary candles? Life was a mystery. It didn’t really occur to me until I was older that not everyone lived in a multigenerational household like me. For some people, it was a treat to see their grandparents and for me, it was my norm……”

2. Poised by Sahirenys Pierce

“Poised Finance and Lifestyle focuses on helping millennial women find a balance between their finances and lifestyle with poise.”

Sahirenys Pierce

Sahirenys graduated from California State University Northridge with a BS in Finance with an emphasis in financial planning. She worked at a few financial service companies like Merrill Lynch, MetLife, and Ameriprise before starting Poised. She tackles financial topics like investing, debt, recessions and job loss.

“The High Five Banking Method: How to Bank With Purpose

“When talking about personal finance we don’t really talk about banking methods. I’ve noticed that only 2-3 financial principles are in the center of the conversation. We constantly hear about budgeting, Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, and the Rich Dad Poor Dad’s philosophy. Even with all of this information, our fundamental knowledge of personal finances is still falling short. I constantly get frustrated with this issue, wondering why do we quit budgeting after a few months in?  I’ve realized that no one has fully discussed how to properly set up our bank accounts so it could flow with your budget. So, I decided to talk about it and created the High 5 Banking Method to do so……..”

3. Winning to Wealth by Michael Lacy

“Winning To Wealth helps millennials save more money, start investing, and pay off debt.

Michael Lacy

Michael and his wife have paid off $61,000 in debt and have learned to live on one income.

7 Choices That Helped My Family Live On One Income Comfortably

“Having the ability to live on one income has made being laid off much less stressful.

Instead of worrying about how we’ll pay our bills, I get to focus on spending quality time with my family, creating new income opportunities, and even meeting with community leaders to discuss ways we can create a more equitable society.

With that said, I’d like to share 7 things we’ve done since 2014 that I feel have gotten us to this point of being able to live on one, single income…..”

4. Wealth Twins by Nadia and Nicole Carter

“The Wealth Twins help you build wealth through investing, earning and saving money to reach Financial Independence and retire on your terms.”

Nadia and Nicole Carter

Nadia and Nicole both went to Ivy League colleges, worked for Goldman Sachs in finance and have traveled extensively. Both sisters have built up tremendous wealth.

What is Dividend Investing and How to Start ( 3 Easy Strategies)

Dividend investing is the only way to make passive income in the stock market.

Jump Ahead To

Investing in dividends is a great tool to use if you want to have a reliable stream of cash flow.

Dividend Investing Basics

What is a Dividend?

A dividend is a payment that a shareholder receives for holding the stock of a company.

What are the types of Dividends a company can give?

Well, the most common dividend type is the cash dividend. However, there are more dividend types that a company can offer…..” 

5. Hack Your Way to Wealth by Andrew Chen

“Teaching readers smart, efficient strategies to earn, save, invest, and protect wealth.”

Andrew Chen

Andrew has worked in a variety of fields including law, consulting at McKinsey and corporate finance (as a graduate of the prestigious CFA program, private equity investing and more.

How to take a year off, earn 6 figures, harvest capital gains……..”

“Do you feel burned out at work? Do you want to take a sabbatical and travel?

Recently I’ve been thinking about how one can take some extended time off while simultaneously using that time to do some very efficient tax planning.

Are you curious how you can do the same?

Today I’m going to show you a step-by-step method that simultaneously allows you to:

  • Take a year off with your spouse – travel, recharge, learn a new skill, learn a language, or transition careers
  • If you two have any 401ks or IRAs, convert some of that money tax-free into a Roth IRA
  • Get a nice tax-free step-up in your stock basis for regular investments you own
  • Pay zero income taxes on 6 figures of income…….”

6. That’s my Financial Guy by Brian Haney

“As a Certified Income Specialist I do one thing for my clients: help them solve the retirement income conundrum.”

Brian Haney

Brian podcasts at Brian recently authored the Red Retirement Book, “The Retirement Income Pyramid” detailing the options one can choose to help equip consumers to pay themselves comfrotably when they retire.”

“How to Think About Retiring”

Close your eyes for a moment and think about how you would like to retire? What do you see yourself doing? Who are you doing it with? Are there sandy beaches involved? How’s the sun feel on your face? Looking forward to tee times at noon? Trips across the world you’d always wished you could take? How does that carefree Paris wine taste? Or maybe it’s the simple joy of a house devoid of kids, not needing to slug into work, and the chance to start dating your spouse once again…..”

7. Tried and True Mom Jobs by Whitney Bonds

“Legitimate work from home opportunities.”

Whitney Bonds

Whitney is a former marketing executive who transitioned to become a six figure blogger.

“15 Real Work From Home Jobs that Pay Well in 2020

Legitimate Work at Home Jobs

“Are you looking for real work from home jobs?

I was in the same situation and I just wanted to know what were some legitimate work at home jobs that paid well.

Everything I sifted through seemed too good to be true, and it was. After months of frustration I decided to reach out to people with real work from home jobs and ask them three main questions:

  • What do they do?
  • How Can Others Get Started?
  • How Much Do They Earn?

I asked and they answered, so I created this website to share their stories for people like me looking for real work from home jobs that pay well. 

Many of the people I interviewed are moms so the options on this list are definitely work at home jobs for moms and anyone with a desire to work from home. 

If you’re self-motivated and disciplined, starting a career working from home would be perfect for you because that’s all it really takes…..”

8. Extravagantly Broke by DeShena Woodard

“Debt freedom, money mindset and womens empowerment! I empower women to understand their spending motives, crush debt and pursue their passion.”

DeShena Woodard

DeShena is a working mom, turned entrepreneur and money mindset coach. She achieved her mission of becoming 100% Debt-Free and starting a business. 

How to Save Money Better by Hiding it From Yourself

“What if I told you that the biggest obstacle between you and your savings– IS YOU!

Think about it.

You make a decent salary.

And you’re able to pay all your bills.

Butyou have no emergency fund! No nest egg! And no extra cash flow.

So, what’s the problem?

Sorry to say it but — you are!

Chances are, you don’t know where your money is going!

For example, this writer was surprised to learn how much money her sister spends on her beverage budgetWait…what?

You heard right! Between the coffees, the smoothies, and the alcohol, she was spending at least $250 a month on beverages.

Extravagant spending like that is the exact reason that so many of us can’t save money!…….”

9. First Hustle Then Brunch by Jazzy

“First Hustle Then Brunch is a freedom lifestyle blog featuring tips on how to manage your money, start and grow an online business, and travel while repaying debt and building wealth.”


Jazzy has a masters degree in management and has worked professionally in marketing. She is a serial entrepreneur, travel afficionado and movie buff.

How to Create a Budget That Works

“The uncertainty that came along with the global pandemic has motivated many people to take control of their finances. To do that, you must get clear on your goals, and create a budget that aligns with them. Today, I’m going to show you how to create a budget that works!

First things first – set some goals.

Studies have shown that financial goal-setting is the key to building wealth. THE KEY!! People that set goals are more successful financially, regardless of income level. They also feel better about their financial situation than people that do not set goals and plan……”

10. Building Wealth Together by JJ Conway

“I help people WIN with money using the same strategies that got me out of over $845,000 of divorce debt.”

JJ Conway

Janine “JJ” Conway is a financial planner who empowers individuals to dump debt and build lasting wealth through financial and business education and coaching. 

3 Easy Ways to Win With Wealth

“I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by complicated finances and massive debt.

I ALSO know how to get out of over $845,000 of divorce debt and I can help YOU WIN with money!

This FREE course will give you the 3 basic steps you need to take charge of your money TODAY!….”

11. Money Letters by Jackie Cummings Koski

“Black single mom reaches FIRE making less than six figures”

Jackie Cummings Koski

 Jackie Cummings Koski, CEPF®, is the author of the award-winning book, “Money Letters 2 my Daughter”. She is a financial literacy champion and has her masters degree in personal financial planning and financial therapy. 

Unveiling Real Numbers Behind FIREing

12. Peerless Money Mentor by Jerry Brown

“Helping others escape Broke Phi Broke (living paycheck to paycheck) by helping them become financially woke and having a positive impact in my community.”

Jerry O. Brown

Jerry O. Brown is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a concentration in Information Technology from the University of New Orleans.

From Broke Phi Broke to Financially Woke

“Once upon a time, not long ago, I was an active member of Broke Phi Broke.  To become a member of Broke Phi Broke, I took foolish actions that prevented me from taking the necessary steps toward growing my wealth and building my legacy.  Even though I had acquired financial knowledge from reading Black Enterprise magazine religiously (dad was a faithful subscriber!), and reading personal finance books, I still found myself on the vanguard of Broke Phi Broke because I did not apply the knowledge I acquired to my financial life……..”

13. My Money Chronicles by Jason Butler

“I help people make extra money with side hustles such as flipping items online and selling t-shirts.”

Jason Butler

Jason graduated college in 2008, in the heart of the recession. He’s been hustling ever since and working to pay off his debt.

How to Sell on Ebay for Beginners

“My eBay business has grown a lot during the last few years. I receive multiple questions including how to sell on eBay for beginners at least once a month. I’ve decided to compile that information into one article. In today’s post, I will go over how to sell on eBay for beginners. It should answer some of the questions that you have about eBay.


You want to sell on eBay, but you haven’t made a move yet. It’s time to make a move. The first thing that you need to do is sign up for an account.  Signing up for an eBay account is free…….”

14. Michelle is Money Hungry by Michelle Jackson

“Money Hungry as a holistic financial/entrepreneurial and wellness resource. I believe that all of these parts of your life are deeply connected.”

Michelle Jackson

Michelle has both a Bachelors from University of Rochester and a Masters degree from University of Colorado. She is an Online Business Coach, Author, and Speaker Specializing in Digital Product Creation and Sales.

Access vs Habit – The Other 20% of Money” 

“There is an ongoing argument in the personal finance space about whether or not politics or race should be brought into the conversation. Many personal finance content creators will bring up the actions that we can all take to better our money. Actions such as: paying our bills on time, managing our debt loads effectively, using our credit cards wisely, and more. Basically, the conversation is often focused on the habits of money and rightfully so. If you can manage yourself well, you can manage your money. So, with that in mind people are reluctant to talk about the other 20% of money. The stuff that you can’t control such as being hired and getting paid a lower wage than less qualified colleagues……”

Featured Image: Sahirenys Pierce

15. Traveling Wallet by Melissa Neacato

“Traveling Wallet is about helping families say no to the waste and say yes to the value. Figuring out the money so that you feel secure enough to live your adventurous unique life.”

Melissa is I’m known as the Roamer. She is a 32 year old mother of 2 and wife of 1. She writes about her journey and because she wants to live a wildly unconventional life.

“Big Savings and Happiness, Can you Have Both?”

“Last year we saved $72,360.

(Deep breath)

You have to give it a moment to let it sink in.

At the start of 2015 we had made big goals to max out our 401k and IRA accounts. Then we also committed to saving $30,000 in an account to build up our home fund. We made aggressive money goals that we were committed to achieving.

But the one thing we hadn’t counted on was how miserable we’d be doing it. With a yearly spend of just $46,380.67 how could we be happy. With spending so low and savings so high, you know we made sacrifices.

We didn’t get to fly first class to visit relatives, we didn’t get to satisfy our foodie needs by eating Umami burgers every week, and we deprived our poor kids by not buying every toy they asked for at the store. And all for what!? to save $72,360. Whoop dee do.

Can you believe that?

Can you?

Well, while meeting this big saving goal might be a little hard to believe, what I think most of us struggle with is believing it can be done while simultaneously living a good life……”