10 Investing Tweets and 5 Investing Links

This is a crazy week with a new website redesign launching soon and the Behavioral Finance; Is Your Mind Hurting Your Wallet Webinar coming up. And I’m furiously completing the first draft of Personal Finance; Encyclopedia of Modern Money Management (ABC;CLIO Publishers).

Please enjoy these inspiring finance reads:


5 Investing Links


Should You Include International Bonds in Your Portfolio? by Larry Swedroe at Seeking Alpha

“Vanguard found that with appropriate hedging of currency risk, investment in the broad international bond market can be less volatile than an investment in the broad U.S. bond market.

They also noted that the volatility of currencies can overwhelm any diversification benefit that international bonds may bring to a diversified portfolio.”

Rule of 20; Is the Stock Market Fairly Valued by Michael P. Regan at Bloomberg Businessweek

“A measure of stock valuations called the Rule of 20 states that the stock market is fairly valued when the sum of the average price-earnings ratio and the rate of inflation is equal to 20. Above that level, stocks begin to get expensive; below it, they’re bargains.”

Nothing is Happening by The Reformed Broker

“How okay are you with a period of time in which nothing much is happening in the markets?

Your answer to that question probably says a lot about the way you think about investing.

Many market participants have gotten into a mindset lately in which they expect either rallies or sell-offs to be occurring at all times. This year, the broader US stock market is doing absolutely nothing and it seems to be frustrating lots of people I talk to.”

Cookie Cutter Portfolios are Usually Just Fine by Mike at Oblivious Investor

“I don’t get it. From reading Harry Sit’s series on Vanguard financial plans, why would I want to pay for a financial plan if all that’s included in the portfolio is the same four funds that are included in a target retirement fund anyway? That seems like a cookie cutter portfolio.”

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Investing All of Your Money by James Altucher

“I’ve learned ONE MAJOR THING, which I will repeat below: ALL OF WALL STREET IS A SCAM. There are zero exceptions.

I’ve been a venture capitalist and a successful angel investor (I was a HORRIBLE venture capitalist though – but I put that under the category of “does not work well with others”).

I can’t raise money anymore. Nor do I want to play that game. I don’t BS about my losses and everyone else does.”

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10 #Investing Tweets

Investing Tips #12: Accept Your Investing Mistakes http://goo.gl/p6z0lQ  via @CollegeInvestin #investing

Effective Risk Management Solutions for Investors – http://tinyurl.com/lq8pdv6  via @AAAMPblog #investing

@MrScottEddy: Investing in Emerging Market Startups? 10 Things to Keep in Mind – http://buff.ly/1mRvPVG  #Investing #Startups #EmergingMarkets

Mike Piper ‏@michaelrpiper   Why Most Experts Suggest Delaying Social Security http://goo.gl/fb/IdqKq  #investing

The College Investor ‏@CollegeInvestin – Investing Tip #10: Keep Some Of Your Portfolio Defensive http://bit.ly/1mM9Wah  #investing #tips

Index Fund Advisors ‏@IFAdotcom  New article posted – Do #ActiveInvestors Have a Gambling Problem? Read on here: [http://ow.ly/wG1wa ] #Investing

Wealth Mgmt Canada ‏@Wealth_Mgmt_Can  Why retail investors almost always get burned http://bit.ly/1qw4PAU  #investors #investing

U.S. News Money ‏@USNewsMoney  5 tips to help make the stock market work for you: http://ow.ly/wDvKB  #investing

Bankrate.com ‏@Bankrate  #investing myths debunked @SheynaSteiner http://dld.bz/dpW8z 

Money Magazine ‏@MONEY  Bull vs Bear. James Montier and Richard Bernstein debate where the market will go: http://money.us/1hzL1mN  #investing

What is your top investing tip?

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