Impulse Buying Impresses No One

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We Like The Cars That Go Boom

When I was a teenager, many light years away, I was a little different from my friends. They were big into their cars and audio equipment. If you were cool, you had to load up on your car with boom boxes, extra bass, and extra treble. Cerwin Vega anyone? The craze was everywhere. Music blaring from cars so loudly it could blow out the drivers eardrums! I don’t know what we were thinking. Honestly, it was actually too loud to think! Were we purposely trying to deafen ourselves? My wife thinks I’m deaf most of the time. Perhaps it is because of those teenage boom box years.

Psst, Yeah You, Over Here

One day, my friend and I were walking along, minding our own beeswax, when two unscrupulous characters asked us if we were interested in stereos.

My friend immediately waved him off.

I don’t know what possessed me, but I asked, “What you got?””like I was too cool for school.

Long story short, this guy had an extra set of Linear Phase speakers. (Yeah, I never heard of them either!) He said they normally go for like 800 bucks, but he would give us a deal for $300. Keep in mind, we were teenagers and $300 was a lot of money.

I was possessed and said , “I’ll take them”.

I still remember the shock and horror on my friend’s face! We had to go to an ATM, pull out the daily limit, and hand it over in a parking lot like a drug deal.

They dumped the speakers on us and took off. I still don’t know how we got the speakers home!

What Were You Thinking?

Looking back, this is what went on in my insane brain.

I’m getting something that normally goes for $800 at the amazing price of $300. My friend was big into his car and stereo system. In a warped way, I was trying to impress him. It was also a meager attempt to rid my reputation
of not being into cars, stereos, and being cheap.

Yeah, I know, real mature, Buck. Doing a little more research, we learned that this was a known scam.

Luckily for me, the boxes actually worked and I did get some use out of my insane purchase.

Final Thoughts

I still don’t know how I survived my teenage years, but I did learn some valuable lessons.

If it’s too good to be true, it probably is not true.

I was momentarily brain washed with $800 slashed to $300. What a great deal! How young and naive I was.

Don’t impulse buy as you’ll most likely regret it.

Now a days, I spend time comparison shopping, doing research, and analyzing all the options possible. I never did anything like that again.

Thankfully I learned my lesson.

Don’t buy things to impress others, only buy them for yourself.

(Those teenage years were some of the worst in my life. Puberty, zits, trying to fit in, the list goes on and on. Now that I am a little more mature, I buy things for me. Till this day, my friends occasionally rib me for those speakers.)

What’s your story?

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image credit; Scott Spiegel