Cyber Monday; Is Shopping Good for Your Health?

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In what began as an afterthought to Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become the No. 1 online shopping day of the year. There are signs that consumers plan to  spend heavily online this holiday season. LA Times in Cyber Monday Retail Sales May Hit Record

Health Benefits of Daily Shopping Revealed

Finally, there is scientific proof that shopping improves your health!

There is empirical evidence that daily shopping may cut women’s risk for early death by 23% according to this months More Magazine, Retail Therapy Works! Wow, More found the best research around when it hit on this research reported in The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

Frankly, I’m speechless. If this is in fact true, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around this concept. Could daily shopping actually be healthy? What a paradigm shift!

Summary of the benefits of shopping:

  • Fun to spend.
  • Personal interaction with fellow shoppers and sales people along the way.
  • Get out of the house.
  • Restock the home with food and sundry items.
  • Expend physical energy while running errands.

Actually, it makes sense that shopping keeps you engaged with the world around you and keeps you off the couch! Think of those folks in other countries who head to the market daily for their food items. It’s a satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle.

Does Cyber Monday Count?

If I were to use my incredible intelligence 🙂 to analyze the “cyber Monday” shopping phenomenon, I’d have to say that it probably does not improve our health. After all, there’s not much exercise in sitting on your butt clicking the keys on your laptop and taking your credit card in and out of your pocket!


  • Use this news not to shop til you drop. Use the research to enjoy the errands that are part of daily life and to eradicate the guilt that may accompany shopping.
  • Continue to shop mindfully and sensibly.
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What do you think? Is shopping health promoting?

image credit; Kangaroobie