Young and Oldish Money Podcast

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Launched! Young and Oldish Money Podcast with How to Subscribe Step-by-Step

“Young and Oldish Money is created specifically for you with banter about money, investing, saving, debt, economics, tech and fun! Your young and old-ish hosts, Bobby Lee and Barbara Friedberg, successful financial pros, promise entertaining, hilarious and informative conversation about financial topics from generational perspectives.  You’ll walk away with inspiration and actionable tips to increase your net worth and life satisfaction.”


Young and Oldish Money Podcast

The Secrets of the Young and Oldish Money Podcast Launch

Bobby Lee, a friend, colleague, and fellow personal finance aficionado called me in the summer of 2014 and asked if I wanted to do a podcast with him. He’s editor of and a star in new age media, having earned a recent masters in the field.  You’d think starting a podcast would be straightforward. Choose a name, start recording, and post to iTunes. 

Not really.

One year later, we launched. After several name changes and a really long brainstorming list we chose the name; Young and Oldish Money Podcast. Next, Bobby took the lead on setting up the website, Young and Oldish Money. Then Bobby spent hours and hours handling the back-end tech along with the editing. It almost sounds like Bobby did everything. I certainly cheered him on with all of the set up.

After about a year, we’re finally live.

Listen right now to the Young and Oldish Money Podcast! >>>>

For those who haven’t started consuming podcasts yet, at the end of this post you’ll learn exactly how to do it. 

Like all of our other decisions, Bobby and I agonized over what to discuss. We both like finance, but we also have other interests. We quickly ruled out my decorating passion (that just doesn’t fit). Investing is my thing so I coerced Bobby into making this one of the primary topics. We both enjoy current events and economics just fits. Bobby is a techy and has his pulse on the latest tech offerings so we had to include this topic. To sum it up, we keep the topics in the range of money, investing, tech, and economics. 

Turns out we’ve become really good friends and have developed quite a banter. I’m the ‘old-ish’ part of the the team so you’ll hear many age bashing remarks, from both of us. Actually, Bobby is a bit like an 80 year old grandma, so you never really know what will come out of his mouth!

Tune in to Young and Oldish Money Podcast

Behind the Curtain of Young and Oldish Money Topics

We choose topics we think will be both entertaining and educational. Of course, you’ll always get ways to squeeze the last nickel out of your paycheck, investing, and retirement tips. But we also riff on pot investing, productivity, lifestyle topics, cars, and more.

We want to invite you to join the Young and Oldish Money Podcast listeners. If you like the podcast, please review it on iTunes. If you don’t please email us at the Young and Oldish Money Podcast contact

If you’re new to the podcast listening world and aren’t a regular, here’s how to get started.

Young and Oldish Money Podcast – Listen and Subscribe How-to-Guide

1. Install iTunes on your computer

On PC – Download iTunes.

On Mac – iTunes is typically pre-installed.

2. Install iTunes Podcast Listening App on your phone

For iPhone of iPad – Download the iTunes app

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3. Open iTunes

Click on Audio and search: Young and Oldish Money 

How to search iTunes for Young and Oldish Money Podcast

4. To Subscribe to Young and Oldish Money

Click the Subscribe button.

How to subscribe to Young and Oldish Money Podcast

5. To Review Young and Oldish Money

Click the Ratings and Reviews button:

How to Review Young and Oldish Money Podcast

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6. Thank you for Listening

Here are direct links to listen to the podcast on our Website-Young and Oldish Money or in your browser

7. More information from iTunes about listening to Podcasts

FAQ for podcast fans.

Thank you in advance for checking out our Young and Oldish Money Podcast.


  1. Barbara – I like the dual generational approach, although the photo of you two would indicate “Millennial/Gen X” rather than “Millennial/Boomer” contributors.
    Nobody likes to think of themselves as being labeled “oldish.” I would have gone with “Money Management For All Ages” or “Money Management For Both Generations.” At least the lead words for the search engines would be “Money Management” rather than “Young and Oldish.” Just a thought.
    Stanley Riggs

    Stanley Riggs

    September 25, 2015

  2. Stanley, I can’t get beyond the idea that you suggest that I’m Gen X :). How very kind. Regarding the name ideas- great ideas for seo… oh well. Thanks for checking it out. I look forward to your continuing feedback.

    Barbara Friedberg

    September 26, 2015

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