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Welcome to Part 3 of my YouTube video series, Learn Money from Barbara Friedberg Personal This one minute clip details why you must visit this website. The short fun commercial leaves you wanting more. Make sure to check out parts 1 and 2.

Part 1, Talks about how I went from a scared girl to a confident and successful adult. The video showcased a first attempt video project with Hints for Holiday Shopping. The tips work well for any season. And the article championed getting started now!

Part 2; New College Grads; Get Smart About Money is dedicated to those just starting out, lays out money ideas for the 20-somethings and smart money reminders for the more established.

Progress Not Perfection

Alcoholics Anonymous has some simple yet powerful messages. This is one of my favorites.

El Carino and I are working together to develop my YouTube Channel and fill it with helpful personal finance content. As you can see from number 3 video today, the quality is improving, bit by bit. Hopefully, my on-camera presense is getting better and I am certain El Carino’s video-graphic proficiency is also improving.

One of my first motivations for creating videos was another blogger’s series. This blogger stood in front of a whiteboard in a tee shirt and jeans, used a pointer to highlight his written major points on the board, and delivered information about how to increase your blog’s advertising revenue. He didn’t look too professional, but in spite of that, I learned something from the content and the process of the video.

I said to myself, “If this guy can stand up there in a tee shirt and jeans, casual and unscripted, why can’t I do a video?” He didn’t have a perfectly professional product, yet he delivered valuable information.

In addition to championing personal finance smarts, I also strive to encourage others to put themselves out there and try something new.

True confession; I am not comfortable in front of the camera. By nature, I’m a bit stiff and stilted. Some might even call me constricted (but don’t let it get around). Yet, I am filled with a wealth of personal finance knowledge. Like anyone, I have my strengths and weaknesses.

In sum, I was scared about starting my YouTube channel. Yet, I did it anyway and am improving bit by bit….making progress.

2 Part Takeaway

This video serves two purposes;

  1. Gives an introduction to my site and encourages visitors. It is a marketing and promotion tool.
  2. Encourages others to get out there and try something new.

My long term goals are to be a personal finance resource for fun and informative wealth building information. But that information is only valuable if it’s accessible and instructive to others. This video today is to introduce more readers to this site.

If you think there is some valuable information here, please send your friends over.

And, if you think this video commercial is a useful strategy, please use this video concept for inspiration for your own projects. In todays world competitive world, standing out from the crowd is key. Don’t let fear or inaction keep you from meeting your goals.


Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.

Do something you are afraid of today!

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What difficult tasks have you taken on to move yourself forward?