Top Tax Reads to Slam Your IRS Bill

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I’ve been writing quite a few tax articles recently. What I’m realizing is that the more I research the tax system, the more complicated it seems. In order to help you with this daunting seasonal task of preparing your taxes, I’m going to share some of the top tax articles I’ve been reading (and a few that I’ve written). Hopefully, these top tax reads will take a bit of the sting out of tax season.

Top Tax Reads

Top Tax Reads

Taxes: What’s New for 2016?” by Rande Spiegelman at Charles Schwab

How to Save Over $1,000 on Your Tax Bill” by Emily Brandon at US News and World Report – Money

Major Business Tax Changes for 2016” by Robert Trinz at Accounting Today

Marginal Tax Rates on Income Go Up Across the Board Under Sanders’ Plan” by Kyle Pomerleau at Tax Foundation

8 Dangerous Tax Mistakes” by Barbara Friedberg at GoBankingRates

30 Tax Deductions You’re Missing Out On and How to Get Them” by Barbara Friedberg at GoBankingRates 

Top Tax Reads

4 Filing Tips to Ensure You Get Your Tax Refund ASAP” by Kay Bell at Don’t Mess with Taxes

6 Ways You Might Be Eligible for a Tax Write-Off” by Michael McDonald at GoBankingRates

10 IRA Contribution Rules You Must Know” by Sarah Brenner at Ed Slott-IRA Help

As Stocks Stumble, Understanding When a Loss Isn’t Really a Loss” by Kelly Erb at Tax Girl

David Bowie: A Tax Oddity” by Paul Caron at TaxProf Blog

How Do Life Events Affect My Tax Return?” by Meg Mirshak at Tax Slayer

Consider the Tax Implications Before You Increase Your Work Load” by Linsey Knerl at 1099 Mom


Top Tax Reads

“Taxes: Is That a Home Business or a Hobby?” by Miranda Marquit at Planting Money Seeds

What is the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) and How Does it Impact Your Taxes? by Kevin Mulligan at Free From Broke

What Could Raising Taxes on the Rich Do? Surprising Amounts” by Patricia Cohen at New York Times

Final Tax Musings

For many years, I’ve studied the tax regulations in an attempt to find out how to minimize our family taxes. But, I’ll admit that I’ve gotten a bit lazy recently and forgot how much better Muni bonds would be for us and many other tax payers. I also neglected to contribute to a traditional IRA recently and missed the chance to move assets out of reach of Uncle Sam for the time being. Let this article be a reminder that legally minimizing taxes puts more real dollars in your pocket. Take some time to study the tax law so that  you’ll have more money for what really matters.

Bonus Resources I Use When Managing My Finances:


  1. This is great list, I needed some explanation about Tax Extension since I am going to file 4868 form. My finances are bit slow due to stock-market decline in last few months and this list was very useful for fining those answers.


    February 3, 2016

  2. This is a nice list that I’m going to check out. I too have been a bit lazy about learning all the ways I can save on taxes. Time to roll up the sleeves and look for some savings!


    February 4, 2016

  3. Hi Derek, Taking advantage of legal tax tweaks can turn into more money for you and less for Uncle Sam!

    Barbara Friedberg

    February 7, 2016

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