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“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.”
George Edward Woodberry


Read this one again & embrace the powerful message.

MAIN TOPIC: Facing Fears

Before beginning my MBA studies, I was scared & thought it would be too much for me. As a matter of fact, as I was studying for the GMAT entrance exam, I thought I was having a heart attack and rushed to the emergency room. (False alarm, just a panic attack). For several years, I wanted to volunteer as an IRS tax preparer for low income individuals, but I thought it would be too difficult and time consuming. When first considering the idea of starting a blog, I was overcome with trepidation. And just today, as I was completing the returning preparer form for the volunteer tax prep program, I had another wave of….. “What if I don’t have the time and it’s too much for me,” worry.

Do you ever have these concerns when considering doing something new, challenging, or different?

In a bit I’ll let you in on how I handled these fears and what I believe is the true secret to success, but first 2 stories of some very successful individuals.

1. Early in his career, a friend of mine, Jacob had an extremely important dinner with notaries of great status in his field. He was terrified and entertained the idea of avoiding the event. Jacob asked my dad what to do and if he should bail. My dad gave him advice that he still refers to today. Dad said, all you have to do is ask them a question or two and listen intently, as most people are thrilled to talk about themselves. My friend took his advice and how do you think the evening unfolded? If you guessed that Jacob was well regarded and had a pleasant evening, then you are correct. And over the years he went on to become a great success in his own right.

2.  Many years ago, one of my mentors, Hillary, was opening a satellite office and didn’t have all the details in place. In fact, there were many lose ends including how many staff she needed and where the furniture would come from. She asked me to join her in the early stages. How do you think I felt? If you guessed apprehensive, you were correct.  But I knew Hillary well and she was extremely successful, trustworthy, and wealthy. So I committed and actually agreed to take on a large responsibility, in spite of my fear. Although there were some bumps along the way, the project got started quickly and became profitable soon thereafter. To an outsider she appeared careless, yet she had the background and prior experience to guide her.

PRACTICAL APPLICATION: What do these 2 Stories have in Common?


That’s it. If you have an idea which is viable; you have done some research and investigated the costs, the market, and the time commitment. If you checked out others who have had some success in this area. If you have enough capital (mental and financial) to continue, then YOU ARE READY TO BEGIN.

You may be thinking, don’t I have to prepare some more? Don’t I need to figure out all the details?



What does ACTION mean? What if I fail? What if I make a wrong decision? The path to failure is paved with those types of questions….. because, those questions will PROHIBIT YOU FROM STARTING.

The reality is:

  • You will fail.
  • You will make mistakes.
  • You will make a wrong decision. It is inevitable.

Does that mean you shouldn’t begin? No, on the contrary, you should begin right away. Because the sooner you begin, and the sooner you start making those mistakes, the closer you will be stepping towards success.

THE SECRET TO SUCCESS IS: Start right now. Ignore irrational fears. Do not let your fears and anxieties stop you from pursuing your goals.

Everything is difficult and failure is a PART OF LIFE. But those who have the greatest success are the same individuals who have failed the most.

My mom and dad were entrepreneurs their entire lives. Although wealthy now, they had plenty of failures along the way (like a basement full of unsold Orange Julius supplies). Hillary also had failures, but her motto of “jump in now and figure out the details later” has made her a wealthy woman. One day last week, my friend Crystal at Budgeting the Fun Stuff read an article at Saving Money Today about deriving multiple sources of revenue from owning more than one blog. Within 3 days, she had started another 2 blogs. These two bloggers personify success.

If you are considering a new job, more schooling, a business venture; spend a bit of time checking it out. Then if your analysis is sound:



Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.

Visit Ramit Sethi’s site, I will Teach you to be Rich and consider his guest, Cal Newport’s theory that posits, “You Just Need to get Started is Bad Advice.”

And while your at it, don’t forget about starting retirement planning early!

What motivates you towards success? Is GET STARTED viable advice for you? 

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