$500 Scholarship Available for High School Students-Forward to all Students NOW

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Are You a Dedicated, Organized, and Motivated High School Student?

  • Write a personal essay
  • Turn it in by December 6
  • Get a chance to win $500

Apply for this NEW SCHOLARSHIP at the Yakezie.com. I am a member of this premier PERSONAL FINANCE NETWORK. In addition to selflessly promoting personal finance blogs the network is committed to GIVING BACK.

As part of this drive, we offer a $500 scholarship each month.

This is our first  month for the YAKEZIE SCHOLARSHIP. Get in at the beginning.

The details are spelled out here.

Do not be scared by the essay! It is a PERSONAL story and an opportunity you CANNOT MISS!

Forward this post to any high school student interested in competing for $500; NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

The submission is also terrific practice for writing a college essay!

Don’t think-Do it now!