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When our daughter was born in 1988, my parents gave us a beautiful high quality set of baby furniture. The crib was amazing and could be converted into a children’s bed. I figured we’d keep the furniture until our little one was about 10 and then replace it with grown-up furniture. She slept in the child’s be until she was 11, when I moved it to the basement. It looked great and I’ve done some research to see what’s available these days. You can find beds like this online on a variety of sites.

Throw on some cushions and bed becomes a couch!

The Bed Became a Couch

I kept the bed because it was made of solid wood with two drawers underneath. I recovered the mattress with decorative fabric and used it as a small couch in our rec room. Ikea (my favorite store ever if you want a low cost makeover) provided the affordable throw pillows and fabric.

The dresser was such high quality, that we continued to use it until this year! To keep it current I changed out the drawer pulls and repainted it. It’s still in good shape today.

Save Money-Repurpose Old Furniture

I was brought up to squeeze the life out of purchases and it’s a wonderful way to save money. I can’t tell you how many decorative pillows I’ve recovered with fabric remnants. Compare a new pricey pillow with one recovered  with a fabric scrap for a fiver.

  • Last week I made some wall art by covering old wood blocks with bold modern fabric scraps.
  • I shortened several old dresses, added new belts and voila, a new look for next to nothing.
  • Pick up some free posters at the music store or movie theatre, and frame them. Bold art for a pittance.
  • And who doesn’t like revitalizing garage sale finds?

I could go on and on. The surge from creativity is uplifting.

How do you make something old, new again?

 image credit; Wieder Furniture dot com