3 Quick Personal Finance Tips for Dealing with Stress

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“If you want to achieve things in life, you’ve just got to do them, and if you’re talented and smart, you’ll succeed.” Juliana Hatfield

I’ve taken this approach, I don’t evaluate my ideas too much, but just dive in. That eradicates the possibility that I’ll avoid new activities because I’m scared. I assume that I’m talented and smart enough to achieve my goals.

Moving day is approaching. The kitchen packers are coming in 5 days and the movers are coming in a week. Our house is almost sold, yet we still have NO CONFIRMATION of acceptance of our (short sale) condo purchase in our new land. In one week, we have no address and no secure internet connection.

All of my work and personal financial records require a secure internet connection.

In one week, unless I find a secure internet connection, while in transit, I am completely cut off from all of my financial records. That includes my job records!

This is an uncertain and stressful time, here’s how I’m coping, along with tips and inspiration for your stressful times.


Clearly delineate and accept what you can and cannot control.

 There are always things in life you cannot control. Do not waste time and energy trying to change people, events, and circumstances which are unchangeable.

If you are stuck in debt or a financial morass, you must face up to your situation. You cannot begin to move forward, if you do not know where you are. Accept, don’t avoid, your financial picture.

 It is unlikely I will be able to check online financial records for up to one month after we move out of our home. I can live with this likelihood, if I plan ahead.


A road map in life propels you towards your goals. Use goal setting and planning to make life smoother. 

When you’re stuck, stressed or overwhelmed, your plan is your guide.

Generally, I keep records of all income and spending in Quicken and update on line. I predominantly use a debit or credit card and then download and categorize my expenses. Then it’s easy to check against our budget to see how we are doing.

Without a permanent address and secure internet connection, this is not going to happen.

Here’s my plan:

  • Upload all financial records a few days before we leave.
  • Review and print hard copies of all investment accounts at that time.
  •  To avoid overdrafts, transfer adequate funds into spending accounts.


Although counterintuitive, accept that this is a time when certain tasks are not going to get done. Get help from others. Cut out the uncessecary. Use your plan to focus on the important. Personally, I value relationships and make sure to prioritize my family and close relationships. Go to your boss  to discuss options during a stressful period.

During times of stress, temporarily delete the unimportant activities from your life.  

Do not add to your stress by overspending. Avoid the temptation to manage stress by shopping.

We are remarkably relaxed giventhe magnitude of our stress. El Carino and I are enjoying the extra time we have together by playing games, making movies, and working out; low cost-high fun.

What are your personal and financial tips for coping with stress?