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 This month we traveled to San Francisco and Cincinnati, next month we are off to Michigan. It’s not unusual for El Carino and me to travel multiple times each year, in the U.S.A. and internationally.  Although much of the travel is reimbursed as well as compensated, we still attempt to minimize our costs. This article will cover two of the largest travel expenses, food and transportation, as well as ways to prolong the memory.

Food: Cut Your Costs

You can spend well over $100 per day per person on food or you can eat cheap. After years of travel these are some strategies for eating well for less: 

  • Stay at a hotel which includes breakfast in the room cost. Then eat a LARGE breakfast.
  • Can’t secure a room with breakfast? Stop by a grocery to pick up breakfast items for the following morning. We usually go for a muffin and fruit. With in room coffee, the cost is minimal.
  • In U.S.A., drink tap water. There is no need to buy water! Both in the room and at restaurants, forgoe paying for drinks.
  • What about alcohol? Don’t order a drink in a bar or restaurant-way too expensive. Pick up some of your favorite drink fixings and have them in your room! (Make sure not to overindulge and trash the room :))
  • Want a fancy meal? Try the exclusive restaurant for LUNCH where prices are lower than at dinner.
  • Bring snacks from home; granola bars, raisins, candy, small cereal boxes. When hunger hits you won’t have to shell out the big bucks for a treat.

Transportation: Keep Fit and WALK 

  • Cabs can really add up when traveling. Try other methods of transportation to keep costs low.
  • Walking is an awesome way to experience the environment, get exercise, and save money.
  • Tour or not? Why not avoid the high tour bus fees, take public transport to the sites and buy a guide book for extra color.
  • Rent a bike. In San Fransisco you can bike all over and return the bike to various locations.
  • Share a cab. We met a family at the airport staying at our hotel and shared a cab and saved 50%.
  • Traveling by air? Forget checking your bags, fees are out of site, bring 2 carry-ons and pack light.

More Tips to Cut Costs and Add to the Fun

  • Bring a camera/videocamera and extra batteries. Make your photos into a book and relive the trip through the pictures. Create a DVD to experience the trip.
  • Buy a reminder souvenire. I collect magnets and every time I look at my collection, I remember fondly my travels.
  • Pack light, less stuff to drag you down.

image credit: thebluewhale 

What are your favorite travel tips? 



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