Quick Personal Finance Tip; SAVE MONEY WITHOUT COUPONS

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I have a confession; I’m a failure at couponing. Oh, I try. I get the Sunday paper and clip the coupons I think I’ll need and put them neatly in a bin by the door. Sometimes I even put them in the car, so they’ll be accessible when I’m at the store. Sounds like I’m doing well doesn’t it?

Here’s the problem, most of the time  I either forget to take them into the store, or if I remember to take them into the store, I forget to pull them out at check out. Once, I followed KNS Financial’s advice and did the coupon and money back thing at CVS. I lost the receipt I needed to get the $20.00 refund!


I save money using promotion codes, which is much easier and perfect for buying online. Here’s how it works, go to a site such as Promotioncode.org, type in the vendor and jot down discount code. How easy is that?

Before I purchase online I regularly search for the codes online; it takes only a few minutes.

I make professional photo books at Snapfish from our travels, and it’s really easy. Recently we’ve travelled to Brazil, Europe, and California. Each book looked like a work of art!

Here’s how to make one. Upload the pictures to the site, choose an album design, input the pictures, add  some snappy captions, and head to check out.

Before check out, I do a quick search for a snapfish coupon code. Last time I checked there were quite a few to choose from.


 Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.

Next time you’re shopping online, stick a note by the computer to check for coupon codes. Get in the habit and save some cash!

What other quick shopping tricks do you use to save?

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