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Welcome to a collection of amazing articles. Each one of these posts was chosen for its innovative ideas and thought provoking topics. After digesting this wonderful menu of diverse reading desserts, you will be smarter and wealthier.

Following are links to these delicious articles and a taste of their content. Go on and indulge.

The Oblivious Investor throws in a twist with 3 Good Stocks to Buy Right Now.

“Quick reminder: The fact that a company is growing (or is going to grow) does not by itself mean that its stock is a good investment. For a stock to be a good investment, there must be reason to think that its future growth is not already reflected in its price. Said differently, for a stock to earn above-average returns, the company must do better than the market expects it to.”

The Car Negotiation Coach at Findthebestcarprice reveals How to get Paid to Drive. INGENIOUS!

“Did you know you can make money just by driving your car? You can, if you are willing to allow a company to put an advertisement on it. These advertisements, called wraps, look like they are painted right on the vehicle, but they are just really nice decals. The programs are called ‘free car’ or ‘get paid to drive’ and they pay you for advertising for their product on the side of your car.”

In Best Way to get out of Credit Card Debt Fast, Wealthpilgrim offers a new take on an old subject!

“I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I face a daunting task I waste energy and time. Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about where to start. Other times I use the shot gun approach rather than focus my efforts. When I do that, my results are diluted.”

Littlehouseinthevalley reveals  how to make a quick call and increase your spendable income in Smashing the Bills to Smithereens! I love this.

“Constantly looking for ways to reduce our monthly bills, a few quick phone calls revealed a total savings of $63 a month without reducing our services! Here’s how I, er, my husband did it with my help. I keep an excel file that lists the averages of how much all of our bills cost on each month. I have everything listed in categories, for instance under the category of CAR I included auto insurance, car payment, and gasoline. Out of a total of about 25 items (a lot, I know!) I pay on a regular monthly schedule, I went through my list and highlighted the items I thought we could save on without downgrading any of our services. Those items took only a phone call and included the phone bill, DSL service, and auto insurance for a total savings of $63 a month, or $756 for the entire year.”

Something to think about…..from Investitwisely in How Rich are you?

“In the beginning of time, every man was equally poor, or equally rich, depending on how you look at it. Then we discovered agriculture, and the surplus of food enabled specialization of labour, which gave birth to cities and to civilization. Since then, we’ve been more or less divided into three economic groups: The poor, the reasonably well off, and the ultra-rich.”

As usual, Shawn at Watson Inc. keeps me thinking with this thought provoking Millionaires Make Return to Boom Levels.

“Additionally, don’t forget who the average millionaire is. Remember that the typical millionaire is not a Wall Street titan, a corporate fat cat or a celebrity but rather a hard-working entrepreneur (32%) or professional (19%). Moreover, even though both the 14th Annual World Wealth Report and the 2010 Global Wealth report rightfully exclude primary residences in determining HNWIs, keep in mind that approximately 97% of millionaires are also home owners.”

I’m a sucker for anything “efficiency related.” Hope you enjoy this one from Myfinancialobjectives entitled Bringing Your Efficiency Home.

“What I mean by the title, is how much more could you accomplish at home if you brought the same efficiency home with you that you use at work (assuming you are more efficient at work than at home)?  I recently posted about Time Management and how an efficient time management mentality allows me to save a lot of time both at work and at home.”

Frugalconfessions writes about the positives of keeping an eye on your spending in Financial Limits and Boundaries Breed Creativity not Deprivation. She’s definitely a “glass half full”  person.

“then I would miss out on all of the great opportunities out there. For one, I never would have learned the Drugstore Game, which led me to write six columns called “Frugal Confessions” and start this blog! Having unlimited money would have caused me to spend more of it (necessity is the mother of invention, not abundance) as I never would have discovered great tools like Craigslist, followed many of the blogs that I do with people dedicated to saving me money, learned how to invest my precious resources, save for retirement, etc. Having limits in my life has only served me, not caused me deprivation. With limits, opportunities abound—have you taken advantage of yours?”

Get the latest word on MOTIVATION research in Management Rewired by Charles S. Jacobs, discussed at Eliminatethemuda.

“More and more the science is showing that everything we thought we knew and understood about motivation may be wrong. Contrary to our perception, providing extrinsic motivators such as bonuses, gifts and rewards or even punishments for undesirable behavior may often be detrimental to our long-term objectives. There are more effective and efficient methods to motivate and manage, the author shares, but many of these methods are counter intuitive and challenging to implement.”

Let me know if you enjoyed the tasty tidbits of financial wisdom!

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