4 Pivotal Lessons from Oprah's Last Show

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I admit it, Jr. Carina and I tuned in for Oprah’s last episode. The program was all Oprah, no guests, and no giveaways. She recounted lessons from the past and engaged in her trademark Oprah wisdom.

There is a reason for her popularity. She gets to the heart of the human condition. Sappy? yes. But I watched the whole episode. The  key takeaways follow:

Everyone wants validation.

Her summary espoused how the wealthy, poor, rich, famous, and not, all hunger for recognition and acceptance, just for who we are. Although simplistic, I know I beam when someone acknowledges something I’ve done well. And I feel closer to the giver of the compliment.

We all have the power to make a difference.

This one is my favorite. Although I don’t get down too often, when I do, I wonder whether I’m impacting others. She reminded me that the number of people one helps is not the issue. You are important if you make a difference in one person’s life, twenty, or millions. That one hit home when my neighbor stopped by my garage sale last week and thanked me for making him feel comfortable and welcome at his first homeowner’s association meeting. He went on to offer to throw us a neighborhood “moving” party.

Be grateful.

Another Oprah inspired secret, I keep a “gratitude journal.” It really is magic. Train yourself to appreciate the positive in life. Over time, maintaining a thankful and appreciative attitude leads to more wealth in life.

Shine a light on the taboo.

One program she filled the audience with men who  had been sexually abused. By publicly acknowledging their abuse, maybe young abused boys will be more willing to call for help and feel less shame.  


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Have you learned anything from Oprah?