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Just out, you must read my latest Benzinga Brain Trust column, Advice for Investors, Informed by Ben Bernanke
This past week end I learned scores of tips from the top personal finance bloggers in the world and I want to must pass them on to you. I want you to live a wealthy life, personally and financially and I can help you do that. For this week I am going to divulged a few tips that, if taken, can lead you closer to your dream life and greater wealth.
In Part 1, I explained, ”You Can’t Do Everything, But You Must Do Something”
In Part 2, Learn to confront your fears and NETWORK.
Today, learn from others how to become inspired and successful by others. Following are some articles from bloggers with their own insights from the Personal Finance Bloggers Conference.
See whay you can learn from them.
Money Reasons-Financial Blogger Convention; Beyond the words
Financially Consumed-10 Takeaways from the Financial Blogger Convention
Everyday Tips and Thoughts-Sharing a Thought from The Financial Blogger Convention
Bible Money Matters-The Financial Blogger Conference; Meeting Up with the Personal Finance Blogosphere
The Penny Pincher-The Financial Blogger Conference Saved this Blog
Get Rich Slowly-A Financial Meeting of the Minds
Beating Broke-The Value of Professional Conferences
The Centsible Life-Moving Beyond Blogging
Fat Guy Skinny Wallet-Airline Seats; Another Reason to Hate Being a Fat Guy
Narrow Bridge-My Third Blogoversary
Yes I am Cheap-Why I Make $20 per Tweet and You Don’t

Barb Across the Blogosphere

Totally Money Carnival at Young Adult Finances-Achieve your Perfect Life with Goal Setting
Carnival of Personal Finance at Canadian Dream Free at 45 – Selected Wealth & Economics; Community vs. Country Club as the EDITOR’s PICK.


Get a notebook and label it: “(your name) Personal Finance” and keep it by the computer. Use it to keep all of your personal finance goals, thoughts, activities, and plans.
  • Learn something new today.
  • Practice what you learned to make it permanent.

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What have you learned recently that’s made a difference in your life?

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