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How You Dress Matters

Great Idea for a Blog Article

I live in a large condo complex next door to an equally large apartment complex. I’m convinced there’s lots of special information possessed by the leasing agents that would benefit both experienced and inexperienced apartment hunters. After all, apartment dwellers deserve to find out how to get the most home for their money and how to successfully hunt for an apartment.


As I work from home, I sometimes look like a bit of a slob. And, today was no exception. Although showered and well groomed, my old faded jeans and stained white t shirt weren’t exactly professional looking. I thought about my appearance as I strolled over to the leasing office, but that’s all I did, think.

The leasing office was beautiful, as was the well groomed and attractively dressed leasing agent. In fact, she was gorgeous! I began to wonder if my slovenly appearance would be a detriment to my mission.

After requesting a few minutes of the agent’s time, I made my request for a brief interview with her, to be published on the blog. She was cordial and explained that the first of the month was quite busy with rent follow ups and could she please call me later in the month. I handed her my business card and said I looked forward to hearing from her when her schedule opens up.

You know the feeling you get when someone gives you the brush off and looks at you a bit disparagingly?

Well, she was polite, yet I had the distinct impression that I did not present with much creditability.

Clearly, I’m more educated than she is and have a more demanding job, as a university professor and portfolio manager. Yet, because I looked like some poor slob, I was not taken seriously!

The Takeaway

How you dress and present yourself matters. I knew that I was well employed and educated, but to the leasing agent, I looked a bit like a bum. I don’t believe I would have interviewed her today had I dressed better, but I’m sure I’d have a better chance for a follow up meeting if I donned a nice pair of slacks with a clean blouse sans gym shoes!

In this circumstance, the outcome doesn’t really matter. I can pop into the leasing office any time and if she or her partner aren’t busy, they’d probably talk to me for a minute or two. Of course, had this been an official business meeting, I would have dressed appropriately. Yet, this was a reminder that you are judged by how you look, what you wear, and how you present yourself. Although, a business suit would have been a bit over the top for this situation, Thousandaire reminds us that everyone needs to own a business suit.

When applying for a job, networking, or interacting in a professional situation, remember that the first 10 seconds of any meeting creates a lasting impression that’s difficult to shake.

Have you experienced any situations where your attire worked against you?

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