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5 Perfect Mom’s Days Gifts

While watching Warren Buffett this morning on This Week with George Stephanopolis I had to tell you about his views on women and the economy:

” It has to do with America’s future, about which — here’s a familiar opinion from me — I’m an unqualified optimist. Now entertain another opinion of mine: Women are a major reason we will do so well.” In “Warren Buffett is Bullish on Women”, CNN. Fortune

I applaud Buffett’s comments trumpeting the importance of women in society. Not only are women the backbone of child-rearing, but we make most household financial decisions. In business, women are moving towards greater prominence and decision-making roles. Today, my business classes are populated by increasing numbers of women. Buffett’s claims magnify the reality that women have been under appreciated, underutilized  and “brainwashed” (Buffett’s word, not mine) to believe they are less competent and qualified than men.

Powerful Mom's

Powerful Moms

Buffet’s pro-women article is a good start, but does not address the reality that women are the object of sexism. If top women professionals can get a week’s work done in 40 hours when the standard is 60, then they should be promoted and advanced just as a man would. Accomplishments, not time behind the desk needs to be appreciated. Just as Sheryl Sandberg in Lean In encourages women to remove self limiting beliefs, there is a very real issue; being a good parent, raising children, taking care of life’s housekeeping chores takes time, focus, and effort. Even without self limiting beliefs, there are time constraints involved in working, parenting, and life in general. A woman with all the professional desire and commitment in the world, is unlikely to live a life as an exemplary high level executive, mom, and household CEO.

As a mom, businesswomen, wife, daughter, and household CEO, it is really difficult to have it all, at least at one time. No one has more than 24 hours per day and we all need to sleep at least one third of that time. So if you’re taking care of the house, kids, bills, and holding down a demanding job, you are attempting the impossible.

Mom and Work

I don’t have the answers, but no one can be successful at everything at once. You can have it all, just not all at once. I’ve been challenged by balance issues for most of my adult life, and there’s no simple answer. Buffett is a great investor, champion of women, yet he missed an inherent reality for professional women, who’s going to be the CEO at home when mom is CEO at work?

Mom’s Day Gifts that Matter

1. If money is no object, hit the Coach store. There is something there for the professional mom, household CEO mom, and any other type of mom. I just bought my sister a beautiful small leather Coach bag, she can slip inside her briefcase and pull out when she goes out after work.

2. If Coach is too rich, hit Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for a great tote, purse, or carry-all at an economical price. Just picked up a yellow (mom’s favorite color) handbag for mom.

3. If free is more your style, try a handmade gift. You know your mom, think about what make’s mom happy. I responded to my daughters query, “What do you want for mom’s day?” with a brunch of pancakes and eggs along with a hand made card. A flower pot is beautiful and will remind mom of you long after the day.

4. Activities for mom’s day can last in our hearts for years to come; hiking, picnicking in the park, making a craft together, even watching a special movie (just for mom), can etch your love for mom on her heart.

5. Personalized gifts are wonderful. Check out Snapfish or any of the photo sites and make mom a calendar, mug, photo book, canvas, or poster.

How does your family handle competing family and professional demands? What are you planning for mom’s day?

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